How to access learning and support quickly, and report a violation

Received by email:

had a letter today that made me very mad and I need to access learning and support quickly, how do I do this and organise my own action?? The government letter I received is taking away yet more of my rights, for 18yrs. they have taken away my human rights and other rights under domestic law but recently things had slightly improved but now yet again they are attempting to do the same - force me into poverty, infringe my rights to effective employment, continue to deny me equal rights and I may well end up homeless? I wish to prevent all of this.?? how?

The website at provides valuable learning tools that can help you. For one thing, you can use the form to report a violation:

You can also join discussions here on the forum - you will find we are a supportive and welcoming community here, and many of us are grappling with similar challenges. Just be careful not to share details that might endanger you or others in public topics.