How to make Kenya Law enforcement Unit understand its people democracy

How to make Kenya Law enforcement Unit understand its people democracy.

Mambo Walter! Thanks for the reply and for asking your question.

I spent some formative childhood years myself in Kenya and love your country, so am always glad to meet new Kenyans. I am also concerned myself about the future of Kenya and am eager to see democracy unfold and flourish in the country.

Your question is tantalizing - can you unpack it a bit to tell us the background and your reason for asking it? Not everyone here is familiar with Kenyan history and current events, so the background is helpful. Even if you can provide a link to a news article explaining the situation that would help.

@mustafa_mahmoud is a fellow Kenyan - perhaps he can jump in with further ideas for you.

Hi Mr, what the question is all about is that many Kenya do not understand our new constitution of 2010, so that is why we need to plan for the forum to make Kenyans who live in the slums to know what constitution say,that will make political leaders to respect the right of people and then democracy will be realised.and kindly link me up with Mustafa and check my website to know what am working on in kibera slum of Nairobi. am currently working with drug addicts in Nairobi helping then in their recovery.

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Hi Walter - thanks for the response. I moved this conversation into a public #advocacy topic so other network members can see it and weigh in.

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Hi @odindowalter

Sorry for the delay in replying to your questions as I was traveling. I have experience of teaching the constitution in the Slums. From radio and also civic education. I would advise that you contact our partner in Kibra @yasahkym @zena @Zahra who work with the Nubian Rights Forum on issues of paralegal work on Nationality of the Nubians and also their chairperson is a coordinator in Kibra for the Uraia trust and does some civic education.

We however look beyond just giving the knowledge and focus more on using the knowledge. I would advise you visit our partner organisation in Kibra. They are located in Makina next to the mosque. I believe you will learn a lot from them.

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