How to start a movement

As discussed today in the leadership course - here is the Derek Sivers: How to start a movement | TED Talk TED talk. The audio was not great so you can watch it again here. @leadership_course_2018_participants

And then we have starlings! To paraphrase @marlonmanuel’s words:

Meanwhile, starlings have no leader. They stick together and do not follow one bird’s movement if it is moving out and going away. If you are going inside, moving towards the group, then the neighbors follow you. The reaction is almost instant. They protect each other against predators. If they find food, they find food together. This is how we want the movement to be.


Great video, really brings the message home. Thanks for posting


Thanks for sharing the videos @tobiaseigen they are a great learning tool!

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Lovely lessons. Was reviewing the presentation and the lessons. This was great. Thanks for posting Tobias.


Thanks for sharing, through video it is simply to get the intended message

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Admirable!! can we say "people will be ridiculed 4 not joining @GlobalLegalEmpowermentNetwork"? :heart_eyes: