Human trafficking in Africa

what measures can we take to reduce human trafficking in Africa?


Hi Doreen and welcome to our community! It’s a pleasure to have you here and I appreciate very much that you ask this question about human trafficking in Africa. I am sure there are some fellow members who can share some insights. Can you tell us some more about yourself and your interest in this topic, and your own perspectives as a legal researcher in Nairobi?

@jpttony can you jump in with insights on your experience in south Kivu?

@lauragoodwin @mustafa_mahmoud perhaps you can also share some suggestions for Doreen, and bring in members you know who are also working in this field.


@tobiaseigen am deeply committed to fighting human trafficking in Kenya. Currently am researching on better ways to curb or rather reduce human trafficking and ways of saving trafficked persons in order to restore their freedom and dignity.


Great job, hope your research will give us useful information

I think one mean is : how to bring back the people to the country instead of increasing poverty in city !

It is said, “prevention is the best medicine” and this will require finding out the major causes of human trafficking. It mainly revolves around injustice - economic, political and social. Among these, in my view, economic injustice ranks highest and so promises of “green pastures” on being trafficked become a lure. In some countries, mine included, young people especially, are selling finite resources like land in order to get to be “voluntarily” trafficked! The paradox is that stories of exploitation for those trafficked are not easily believed! Some of those that survive do not easily open up either due to fear or otherwise. A situation where 90% of the global wealth is in the hands of about 10% of the global population is itself telling. Due to rampant corruption, a similar scenario obtains in most “developing” countries, in addition to political patronage. There is need, first, to tackle economic empowerment at the local levels coupled with awareness creation about the dangers of being lured. Empowered people are able to make choices. This current scramble for land in “developing” countries might be because of excess money among the 10% of the population.