I am a primary school teacher in Uganda. How can I start a new paralegal programme?

How can I start a new paralegal programme?

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Hello @kayongomoses and welcome to our forum! Your question is a good one so I have moved it into a public topic for the benefit of the community and so others can jump in as well.

As a primary school teacher, you are well positioned to help your community as a paralegal. My suggestion to you is to visit this forum regularly - you can use your smart phone or computer - so you can follow discussions. Take a look at #uganda #paralegals topics to start with.

Also, you may want to take a look at the resource guides on our website, in particular the one on starting a community paralegal program. If I were you I would look to partner with a local NGO to start a new paralegal program or to join an existing one.

@AmeduMondayAmedu is a new member in Nigeria who educates students about their human rights in schools and is interested in scaling it up to reach more schools. I wonder if this is not a good place to start for teachers who are seeking to help people in their communities to know their rights and defend them.

One way to scale up is to share lesson plans used for teaching human rights. Can you both - and other teachers here on the forum- share what you’ve tried so far and what seems to be working?


I am very glad you are quickly sharing this with the entire community Mr. Tobias. It’s indeed the best way for starter and I appreciate it. Thank you very kindly Sir!