I mark 1 year next week

Next week marks my one year into the Global Legal Empowerment Network. I don’t remember how I found the network but I guess is via FB.

I want to thank the Network for great Connection. Through this Network I met Father Dolan and John Paul of HAKI YETU. John Paul through HAKI YETU helped by shaping our mindsets with hidden facts that they were advantaged to gather in the Coast of Kenya. This added value to Our Organization ONUGPWANI.

I also want to thank the founder CEO @vivekmaru for you treat us all with equality.

I also want to Thank @tobiaseigen for being warm and making us feel at home.

I also thank @ashleyvanwaes in absenture I hope she returns after her classes.

Let me wrap by thanking NAMATI staff who have made it possible for us to be here. Not forgetting all of us members of this network.

I also felt sad team Namati was In Kenya and did not meet us members even for a five minute photo.

Long live NAMATI


@mariahoyier Congratulations! I am a new member myself and I find this platform very educational for me. I hope I will be able to learn more from you and the rest of the community.


Hi Mary! Thanks for the lovely post celebrating your one year anniversary :cake: as a member of this network. I love seeing that you log in every day and am happy to have you in our community. Your contributions are always very welcome.

I’m sorry you missed the network team while we were in Kenya for the 2018 Learning Exchange on Citizenship and Legal Identity (7-19 October). It was a bit hectic and we were very focussed on the exchange.

We did our best to invite all Kenyan members to the Network Members Meet and Greet event in Nairobi on 16 October, 2018, but I see in your forum messages that you did not get the invitation. I’m so sorry about that. If ever you come to Nairobi, please plan a visit to my colleagues in the Namati Kenya office!


I am also passing with the global legal empowerment network, It is an honor for me being a member. But would you please inform me of any activity in South Asia or Bangladesh? I like to involve more with the team. Thanks to all friend and team .


Congratulations, @mariahoyier!! :tada::sparkles::balloon:

We are glad to be walking with you on this journey. I’m sorry we missed you this time, but let’s for sure meet the next time we are in town. Also, our new colleague @MohammedAman is based in Nairobi, you should connect when you get the chance!


Thank you very much. I will definitely look out for him.


Meanwhile, today is my :cake: day! It has been 4 years since I joined Namati and set up this forum for the first time. It feels good to see how far we have come since then as a community, and to see so many people logging in regularly to connect and help one another.

To celebrate, I updated my profile picture. I have a few more grey hairs since 2014. :man_white_haired:


This is wonderful. Happy 4th anniversary. And yes I need to update my pic too.


Hi @mariahoyier

I would love to connect too whenever is convenient. Please feel free to reach out via email or a private message.


Hi @MusfikaLaiju

Thank you and congratulations. We appreciate that you want to be more involved.

Namati works with Council of minorities in Bangladesh on a citizenship paralegal project. I would recommend reaching out to @urdu of the Council of minorities to explore avenues to get involved.

I hope this helps, please feel free to reach out in case of anything more. Also look out for campaigns and surveys on the discussion boards that you could support.

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