I would like to know if Namati has an office in Brazil

(Angelo Narcizo) #1

Hi Tobias. I would like to know if Namati has an office in Brazil.

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(Tobias Eigen) #2

Hello Angelo and welcome! No, we do not have a presence in Brazil. In fact we do not yet have many members in Brazil either. Perhaps you are willing to help reach out to legal empowerment organizations in Brazil and invite them to join? And to help us to provide better support to Portuguese speakers?

We do have a very big Namati presence in Mozambique, so there are some Portuguese speakers here who can converse with you in your language.


(Angelo Narcizo) #3

Thank you. Yes, I’m certainly willing to do that. How could we work this together and bring Namati closer? I am aware of the Indian theme and the subjects involved in it. I also have good project ideas. I speak Spanish also if it is necessary to articulate with other countries of South America.

(Tobias Eigen) #4

Hi Angelo! Thanks for the reply, and for your generous offer to work with us. As someone who speaks portuguese, spanish and english, you can be a powerful bridge to empower members in our community who speak only one or two of these languages. Our website doesn’t support other languages besides english very well yet. In particular, while our forum works great in all of these languages, the signup form only works in english so getting to the forum is hard for some people. Also, while our forum provides powerful features sometimes people have a hard time figuring out how everything works. So if you are willing, you can be a huge help by provide people topics to read in their language and helping them to find their way around.

The easiest and most immediate way to start is for you to introduce yourself and let everyone here know about your interests and what you are working on. Other members will be interested to learn from you about human rights with indigenous communities and minorities in Brazil, which may find parallels with what is happening in other countries and areas for shared learning.

Beyond that, to start with I think it’s great that you are spending time reading in the forum to get to know other members already here. If you see topics that you can improve or provide helpful answers to, you can reply. Just adding a :heart: to topics you like or find interesting helps to encourage people.

And finally, I would like to introduce you to @lucianabercovich, the member of my team leading our Latin America efforts. At the moment she is in Argentina, where we are this week launching a new global campaign. You can learn more about the campaign and, if you like, express your solidarity and offer your ideas by way of reply:

Luciana also led a learning exchange for Latin America last year. You can learn a whole lot about that event, the people and organizations involved, and the event declaration from this topic:

(Angelo Narcizo) #5

Okay, Tobias. thank you for the informations. I will continue to follow the forum and contribute where possible. These weeks are busy here but soon I will write a topic for the group. Feel free to send me a message whenever you want. Take care and good job.

(Tobias Eigen) #6

Wonderful - thanks, Angelo! We are also busy now but will look for your replies in the coming weeks. Do keep in touch!

(Angelo Narcizo) #7

And if you have an interest in open an office of namati in Brazil let me know, we can see the possibilities. I live in the capital city of Brazil.

(Tobias Eigen) #8

Thanks, Angelo! I appreciate and welcome your enthusiasm. We do not have plans to open any more Namati offices at the moment but we welcome collaboration from members and organizations who are interested in growing the legal empowerment movement locally in their communities, nations and regions. Let’s keep the conversation going and see what we can do to make the global legal empowerment network grow in Brazil.

(Marlon Manuel) #9

Hi Angelo! As a starting point, I suggest that you contact THEMIS Gênero Justiça e Direitos Humanos (based in Porto Alegre) through @luanapereiradc.

(Luciana Bercovich) #10

Hola Angelo, bienvenido!

Si te comunicas en español, te invito a que te sumes a nuestras conversaciones en el canal https://community.namati.org/c/espanol. Estamos planeando una serie de actividades, webinarios y casos de estudios sobre practicas de empoderamiento jurídico en Latinoamérica. Y tambien te invitamos a firmar la Delcaracion de Villa inflamable, un documento que disctutieron los miembros de la red de la región que incluye nuestros principios y pedidos a los estados. Aquí está en portugues. https://namati.org/network/justiciaparatodxs-portugues/ Saludos! Luciana

(Luana Pereira da Costa) #11

Hi @marlonmanuel and @AngeloNarcizo! Certainly, we can talk. Vamos nos falar! Pode me mandar uma mensagem privada, se quiser. Att.,

(Tobias Eigen) #12

I will start a new topic about starting a portuguese language category to @AngeloNarcizo @luanapereiradc @lucianabercovich to get us started. Others can then jump in and be invited as we move along.

(Tobias Eigen) #13

Hi @AngeloNarcizo - I trust you are keeping well and not toooo busy. :crazy_face:

This is a discussion that will interest others who come later, so I moved it into its own topic. As you may have seen, @luanapereiradc @deniseddora @liviazr @DavidSaute have now started #portugues language discussions - please join her there! :slight_smile: You can, as you also alluded above, join #espanol discussions to connect with other legal empowerment practitioners in Latin America and bridge them to the work you are doing in Brazil. Of course when you see things happening in english throughout you are always welcome to jump in, writing in whatever language you prefer.

(Beatriz Dornelas) #14

Hi Angelo! I’m brazilian too and reallt interedes on your theme! If you want we can talk about it. Abraços, Beatriz.

(Isis Teixeira) #15

Angelo, como vai? I’m also brazilian and available to discuss how we can join efforts to reach legal empowerment in Brazil. I’m from Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo, and research development through social enterprises. Best regards.

(Luciana Bercovich) #16

Hi @isismt, I would like to introduce you to @deniseddora who is leading several activities on legal empowerment in Brazil! :wink:

(Raquel Ludermir) #17

Hi all, I am also based in Brazil, working with Habitat for Humanity. We work legal empowerment initiatives mainly on topics related to the right to the city, to adequate housing and land tenure security, with a strong gender perspective. Nice to virtually meet you.

(Isis Teixeira) #18

Thank you @lucianabercovich! Hey @deniseddora, nice to meet you. Where are you based in? I’d like to know more about the activities you lead here.

(deniseddora) #19

Hi, we are based in Porto Alegre, and the organization is themis.org.br. Pleasure to share our experience with legal empowerment in Brazil.

(Isis Teixeira) #20

Oi, Denise (@deniseddora) ! Uma pena estarmos tão distantes. Dei uma olhada no site de vocês e o trabalho que desenvolvem é fantástico! Parabéns! Fico à disposição se eu puder ser útil em alguma coisa. Obrigada pela resposta.

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