IAIA Special Resettlement and Livelihoods Symposium in Manila, Philippines (20-22 Feb, 2017)

Every year millions of people are displaced in Asia due to the development of dams, infrastructure, mining, agriculture and forestry. In addition, governments are displacing millions of urban dwellers in order to make way for the development of mega-cities and to mitigate disaster risk. There is much evidence that many of the people displaced by large projects experience reduced wellbeing. In the past little attention was given to livelihood or impoverishment issues. Now, there is increasing acceptance that resettlement needs to be planned as a development opportunity, especially in the context of the adoption of the Sustainable Development goals to eliminate extreme poverty by 2030. The challenge, therefore, is to consider how to develop large projects in countries with rapidly expanding populations, while enhancing the livelihoods of local communities.

The IAIA, in partnership with the Asian Development Bank, World Bank & University of the Philippines, is holding a special symposium on Resettlement & Livelihoods in projects in Manila, the Philippines from February 20-22 2017, followed by 2 days of specialist training courses. The symposium will focus on project experience from Asia to support communities to treat land acquisition and resettlement as a development opportunity.



I think viewing resettlement as a development opportunity is a great way to motivate people instead of feelings of despondency! William Achol.

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what the conditions to participate to IAIA special symposium. I need more precision

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Bonjour @Blaise!

Thanks for checking in here and asking about this symposium. I just googled it and found the website which is here at the following link: http://conferences.iaia.org/manila-2017/index.php

Unfortunately it appears registration is closed, but there is a waiting list if you want to request to be added to it!

Registration for the Resettlement and Livelihoods Symposium has reached maximum capacity and is now closed. If you are interested in being added to the waiting list, please complete the PDF registration form and submit it to shelli@iaia.org with “Resettlement waiting list” in the subject line.

@staceycram this should interest you as it involves the #sdgs! If you know anyone who is attending, can you make sure we get a report back here? It will be interesting.

@eddiesmyth thanks for posting this great opportunity about an issue that is very relevant to this community. We appreciate it! Please continue to post such opportunities and if you are able to report back to us with useful learnings please do so. We’d also be glad to see resources from the symposium shared via the resource library.

The legal empowerment network could potentially host a webinar featuring presenters from this symposium as well if a compelling, widely useful topic can be identified. Let us know.

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@Blaise: I have reserved a number of place for civil society who have presentations on research/case studies of communities impacted by resettlement. Do you or any of your members have interesting presentations on this topic?

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