#iBelong Campaign Update from UNHCR

UNHCR just released its second #ibelong campaign update for 2016. Several efforts of Global Legal Empowerment Network members are mentioned - including a brief highlight of the April 2016 workshop organized by Namati and partner Nubian Rights Forum (@makkahyusuf @zena @Cnior) on paralegals and citizenship rights in Kenya and an overview of the newly established Central Asia Civil Society Network on Statelessness, in which @Ferghana_lawyers has played a catalyzing role!

Other updates include the two new nationality-related resolutions adopted by the Human Rights Council and the fact that Sierra Leone and Mali both acceeded to the 1954 and 1961 Statelessness Conventions.

What items in this update caught your eye? @lore @mustafa_mahmoud @mckinleycharles @Juves @urdu @platong

@namati_sierraleone - has there been any discussion in the media or among civil society on how to push forward the right to nationality in the country, now that the government has signed on to the international conventions?


@lauragoodwin The thing that caught my eyes was the progress that the West African Nations are making for example the Abidjan declaration and how they are struggling to commit to the eradication of statelessness while in East Africa countries like Kenya are thinking of how to eject refugees out of the country. In Kenya, we have not yet even adopted the National action plan to eradicate statelessness. #iBelong campaign has a long way in my opinion. @adamhusseinadam @Lore @Purity_Wadegu what do you think?


I also loved how the activity was well reported.

In Kenya, from 11–14 April, UNHCR participated in a workshop organised by NAMATI and the Nubian Rights Forum for paralegals working on citizenship, documentation and nationality issues. Areas explored included data collection methods, tools and challenges faced by paralegals working on these issues. Priority areas for advocacy were discussed, and a new national coalition on citizenship and nationality empowerment in Kenya, called “CONCISE,” was established.

@Lore @yasahkym @adamhusseinadam What do you think?

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I must admit that what drew my attention the most was that the UNHCR has a free online course on statelessness. The practical, four hour course received 80 five-star reviews. I am personally interested in checking it out and think it could also be a great resource for practitioners…so of course I shared it via our Twitter and Facebook accounts.

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