Illustrated cases of the Supreme Court of India

Justice Adda in partnership with Manupatra have produced an E- Book of 50 illustrated cases of the Supreme Court of India that have influenced public discourse and contributed to debates on access to justice. The purpose of this project is to translate and produce cases in a language that is easy to understand, use and share. It is an endeavour to simplify concepts through visual design.



This is a great way of presenting the landmark decisions of the Supreme Court! Congratulations! This is a very helpful resource not only to those that are engaged in strategic litigation, but also to those who are helping educate communities on relevant jurisprudence.

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Such a great idea. Thank you for sharing, @siddharthdesouza! I’m glad to see you back in the forum. I hope you don’t mind, but I updated your post to add a screenshot of the cover page of the book so everyone can see some of the wonderful illustrations.

My colleagues @MayaReddy and @michaelotto will be interested in talking with you about the possibility of adding this publication to the network resource library. You can upload resources directly using the link at

Thanks very much for the feedback @marlonmanuel !

Thanks very much for updating the post Tobias! Looks good. And would definitely be happy to upload it on the network resource library.


That’s great! Feel free to share more such resources here in the forum and in the resource library. I am sure many members around the world will be interested in how you are able to communicate justice topics better using visual design. Let us know also what has worked and has not worked in your efforts so we can learn from your experience.

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This is a very powerful tool. I am very passionate about making laws and court judgements simple for the communities to understand. The #citizenship team has also developed a tool that would help the paralegals facilitate community meetings on citizenship issues, laws and procedures using animations and simplified text. I understand the time that one commits to create such from my experience of coming up with the material and thus applaud the commitment towards the creation of this amazing material.