I and my team have been working to amplify the voice of voiceless Nigerians on digital exploitation and violation ongoing in Nigeria Internet space during and after the #covid19 pandemic.

We taken to evidence based approach to spark constructive dialogue around human rights of the weak so as to bridge the gap of inequalities and perfected human rights.

The report of the assessment is here-

Our actions have attracted relevant stakeholderto set up multi sectoral investigative commitee. And that’s good news to us.

Have a read and share the link if found relevance.

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Thanks for the good work and sharing with us, Its been a challenging moments especially during the mid of the Covid 19 pandemic, our community has struggle to make ends meet and opted to seek for alternative to make ends meet. Whilst other section of our community took advantage of the situation. Thanks for the report, wish you all the best in the following up on the recommendation.

Thanks for sharing the report

It’s not a secret that loan sharks have curse more harm than good to the Urban poor in Nigeria and those struggling to survive in the covid-19 era, since the government refused to provide palliatives and even the once that were provided were based on political party affiliations and man know man basis. Most of the palliatives were even hidden in warehouses and during the End SAS demonstrations people actually got access to this warehouses and took the foods and other items meant for the poor by force. I have been a victim of loan sharks in Nigeria and am still paying up till date. I know how painful it is to be given a small loan and charged a lot of interest and a little time to make repayment. It’s exploitation in the highest order. What can we do when our situation is so hopeless and we need that urgent loan to fix issues of health and hunger which the government has failed to address for the past 7 years, it’s our reality but justice needs to prevail so that the loan sharks will be brought to book, for their actions are against the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as amended.