Impact of stateless in ivory coast

hello, I’m looking for information about the impact of stateless on the ivory coast on the economy, politics of education and health. Does anyone have any information?

Hi! Thanks for posting and welcome! What have you tried already and where have you looked? What do you need this info for? That might help fellow members to help you.


I have read in several articles that stateless makes a person unable to get a job, is excluded from political participation, cannot attend school, and also does not get health services. But I couldn’t find a more detailed explanation about it.

Can you help me to get a broader explanation about the problems experienced by stateless in economic, political, educational and health matters?

I need the data to complete my thesis about the stateless in ivory coast.

Hello @Panti and thanks for your question!

Here are a couple of resources, in case you haven’t already come across them:

Statelessness and Nationality in Côte d’Ivoire - A Study for UNHCR is quite comprehensive in its review of the legal framework on nationality and registration. In terms of the impact of statelessness, the report has an extensive bibliography of sources on statelessness in the country. You may get some good leads there!

Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion and CICA submitted a joint report to the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) process highlighting challenges of statelessness in Ivory Coast. It has a short section specifically on the impact of statelessness on people’s lives.

Other network members like @stellaobita and @lauraparker may have more suggestions as well!

Hope this helps!


Thank you Laura, this information really helped me in my research.


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