Impact on young people live

How can young people make change in their communities?


Young people can make a change in their communities through many initiative ideas that can address a specific challenge at a time in their communities. It most at times ranges from a single step. Such as mobilizing others into a youth group for road maintenance, street cleaning, tree planting, preventing youth violence by serving as a role model for others, and raising awareness about the negative effects of youth involvement in all forms of violence. Demonstrate leadership ability transparently and be accountable. Read about human rights laws to understand, educate peers, and communities, stand against human rights issues across the community etc.


Foremost, the young people must first understand the need for change , and then their role in effecting the desired change. Young people have the drive, energy , numbers and ICT skills to leverage on .


The fact is are the young people mentored enough to see their Community’s as their own to protect and develop, or are they day dreaming of leaving those Community’s to wealthy neighborhoods after making lots of money from every illegal source to live large. We need to mentor our young people on Community development and improvement, knowing their creative contributions can make our community comfortable for the children and elders and they the youths as well.

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Stuart Oramire, I agree with you but how can this happen? when people are living a homeless life…


Here is an older post with information and resources for engaging youth in legal empowerment, even with youth acting as community paralegals. I had the opportunity to see some of these youth paralegal programs in Bangladesh and Tanzania, and they were powerful examples.

Our network has many youth associations doing strong community work. Much like adults in communities everywhere, there are many perspectives and examples, both positive and negative.


David, then that ceases to be an individual problem and becomes a social/community problem. Advocacy then becomes one of the tools to rely on to galvanise key actors in your community to intervene and address the problem.


David my major problem is the Forced eviction of 13 Community’s in my area where the Urban poor dweller’s used to call home, over 60 thousand people displaced and about 20 thousand house’s demolished. Now there’s a little humanitarian crisis and my NGO only provides free legal services for the Urban poor and not financial support that these displaced people need urgently. And most of them see us as not useful to them since we cannot provide temperary shelters for them and families have been turn apart so everyone is looking for where to put their head to sleep every night and the youths are the worst affected in the Community’s and now most of them are going into drugs as a way of eluding the reality of their circumstances and this is a big problem for me as their Community Paralegal and I need the best approach towards handling this social vices that have befallen these evictees