Impunity: Stata's Failure to Provide Justice to Victims

Unable or Unwilling ? Nirmala Panta Investigation Exposes Systemic Police Failures

It has been three years since the brutal rape and murder of 13-yearold Nirmala Panta that took place in Bhimdatta Municipality, Kanchanpur district, a crime which has come to be considered emblematic of the inability of the state to investigate and prosecute crimes of this nature, and its unwillingness to hold the police, prosecutor and courts accountable for failing to deliver justice. Despite the attention garnered by this case it remains shrouded in mystery and Nirmala’s family are a long way from understanding the truth behind the events of her rape and murder, let alone feel they can get justice.

Dear Om, this is a very sad reading. I think you need to go deeper in digging this kind of cases, there may be hands of big fishes, what do you think?

Dear John, Thank you for response and suggestions. We are regularly following the case and providing legal support. Definitely, there seems the police is trying to protect some big fishes by forcefully extracting confessions from mentally disturbed persons, drug addicts and poor people after destroying all the evidences of crime and criminals etc. Its so sad, Now they have paid money and provided a job to the mother of victim who became hospital at the court. It shows a culture of impunity in Nepal.