Inaugural NalaFEM Summit, 1st July 2022, Abuja - Nigeria

Title: Inaugural NalaFEM Summit | 1st year anniversary

Date: 1st July 2022

Location: Abuja - Nigeria


Nala Feminist Collective (NalaFEM) is a Pan-African front of feminists with a mission to Foster, Enable and Mobilize (FEM) women and girls from Africa and Diaspora. We bridge the gap between policy and implementation, intergovernmental and grassroots as well as generational spaces. This platform emerged in 2020 from the African Young Women Beijing+25 Manifesto (B+25 Manifesto). NalaFEM efforts in collaboration with partners and youth activists succeeded to include 8 out of the 10 demands into Action coalitions and Women, Peace and Security and Humanitarian Action Compact. The NalaFEM Council consists of 17 women leaders under the age of 40 who are the youngest ministers, parliamentarians, activists and innovators. advocating for the B+25 Manifesto and the implementation of the Action Coalitions’ commitments towards the Decade of Action.


Nala Feminist Collective was launched on 1st July 2021 at the Generation Equality Forum (GEF) in Paris, France. The Inaugural Nalafem Summit will create a platform for convening young Nigerian feminists with other feminists across the continent. The forum aims to Foster, Enable and Mobilize (FEM) women and girls across Africa and the diaspora in solidarity with Nigerian activists. The Summit provides a space of advocacy, mentorship, solidarity and partnerships– to promote the theme, “I am Nala.”

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