Increase citizens' access to legal services in Mali : Accès communautaire à la justice


increasing citizens’ access to legal services and combating sexual and gender-based violence in Mali is a topic for community discussion with legal assistants at the grassroots level!

Your comments and experiences for more justice in Mali ?

(Alexandar Pavlov) #2

Dear Zan, Warm greetings from snowy Canada! My family is close with young rap singer from Mali. He was our guest in Sofia, Bulgaria. He is now in Europe and is involved in the entertainment business. Is the legal service accessible for the people of Mali? Is there a free legal help for those with low incomes? Are there lawyers volunteers from other countries - maybe France, who can help? You mentioned sexual and gender-based violence in Mali, this is part of the work of the state institutions- police, municipalities, state educators, churches, educational system to support this noble ideas. I read that there is a Canadian military contingent in Mali. In my home country Bulgaria the corruption is a big problem, is it the same in your country? Truly yours, Alexandar


Merci pour ta contribution, oui au Mali le service juridique gratuit existe, et il est accessible aux citoyens surtout au niveau des personnes à faible revenu !

Mais ce service est limité car les parajuristes qui se donnent du temps à apporter de l’appui sont confontés à beaucoup de défis, et qui restent à améliorer !

Aussi des avocats volontaires sont au Mali, actuellement nous cherchons d’aide de bonne volonté pour accroître ce service en faveur des personnes vulnérables et à faible revenu.

Aujourd’hui, au Mali tout le problème tourne au tour de la corruption et l’injustice !

(Alexandar Pavlov) #4

Thank you very much for your email.

Surprisingly, Canada also has problem with the access to justice

because of the high lawyers fees. There are some programs funded

by the government but this is not sufficient. For example 60% of

the parties in family law cases self represent themselves which is

a striking number.

Are you a practicing lawyer?

Truly yours,



Du courage !

je ne suis pas Avocat, mais je suis juriste de formation et spécialiste en développement communautaire (Accès à la justice des justiciables). j’appuis les communautés vulnérables et à faible revenu à travers l’assistance juridique et judiciaire gratuite !

(Alexandar Pavlov) #6

Very notable! In which part of the country are you located? Is the legal system in Mali civil law?


Je suis situé à Bamako, la capitale du Mali, et j’interviens dans beaucoup de régions du Mali en fonction de demande et l’aide de partenaire !

Oui, le système judiciaire malien est de même que le système judiciaire français ( basé sur le droit civil) !

(Alexandar Pavlov) #8

My experience is also from civil law system in Bulgaria. However, I studyied a common law course for a Law clerk designation. I am still searching for my place, I am blessed with my Canadian family from my wife side. I must say Canada is very, very materialistic but the multiple immigrant communities are very charming. Most of my son’s friends are from refugee families- Sudan, Iraq, Somalia, Etiopea. I am interested with some international legal project which can be helpful tp the communities.


Merci encore une fois de plus pour tes multiples contributions en faveur des personnes marginalisée et/ou réfugiés !

Nous en avons et nous serons comblés de vous voir à nos côtés au Mali :slight_smile: Ainsi, nous avons un projet juridique basé sur l’accès à la justice des couches défavorisées à travers l’appui des parajuristes (commis juridique). Cependant, comment vous faire venir le document fini ?


Je suis beaucoup satisfait de votre appui et solidarité !

Pour d’autre informations, je suis à votre disposition pour qu’ensemble nous puissions apporter des solutions juridiques utiles aux communautés.

(Alexandar Pavlov) #11

Thank you very much. Sorry, I did not understand the question. According to Google translator your question is: However, how bring you the finished document? Truly yours, Alexandar Maybe you want to say about the necessity of French language?


Bonjour Alexandar Pavlov,

J’ai essayé de répondre à votre question quand vous aviez dit que vous êtes intéressé par un projet juridique international, pour cette question, je dis au Mali j’ai un projet juridique qui n’a pas été financé et nous avons besoin de votre partenariat si possible !


Avez vous compris la question, Alexandar P

(Alexandar Pavlov) #14

Hello Zan, I am sorry for the late reply. I was busy with applying for a job which as a matter of fact is a full time job. Probably it is very difficult to provide access to justice in the situation of financial need. This is a common problem around the world. I am not experienced with fundraising. How did you fund your activities so far? What are the main legal issues which your clients are facing? It is very unfair that many legal needs are not met and at the same time so many people spend their money for extravagant life. This is a deep ethical question but it must be solved sooner or later.

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