Independent Impact Assessment on Hand Pump Boreholes in 3 Communities in Kaduna State

CYPLP is voluntary, and social impact organization in Nigeria.

We carried out assessment in three (3) selected pro poor communities of Nassarawa, Trikania and Kakuri to ascertain if the water from the boreholes is clean, safe and drinkable for residents, given that the 3 selected communities are in dire need and without access to portable water from Government. The hand pump boreholes were UNICEF funded project.

The eyes of the assessment was to spot the locations of hand pump boreholes with signage indication of funders –(UNICEF/UKAID) in those communities, and the ears of the assessment was to listen to girls/ women living within 300 meters radius, using the hand pump boreholes. At the center of it all, the assessment want to know if the project (Hand Pump Boreholes) is filling everyday real water needs of women and girls in those communities including drinking water for everyday living. To know the disconnects and connects of the project to WASH and how the project is relevant to hand washing, health and well being of women in post Covid19 era.

Now the mouth of the assessment is in this report as a study to be shared with relevant stakeholders so lessons could be learnt.

To read the impact assessment, please click the link below