Information about my detention for paramilitaries in managua

hello to everyone in the network, my name is Jose coleman, indigenous lawyer Miskitu from Nicaragua and director of the Egdolina Thomas Foundation. On this occasion I just want to inform you about my detention and subsequent release. Since the beginning of the social protests in Nicaragua, the State of Nicaragua has been creating a pattern of identification and selective detention of human rights defenders.In this regard, on September 20, 2019, I was arbitrarily detained in the city of Managua, when I was at the Managua Mall to withdraw my passport with a US visa to travel to Washington, DC in order to participate in the 173rd regular session of the Inter-American Commission that is taking place from September 23 to October 2, 2019. These facts demonstrate that arbitrary detentions occur in the context of a context of more aggression. broad against human rights defenders, and in particular those who defend the rights of the communities most affected by the regime, such as indigenous communities. Good afternoon and happy weekend everyone

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How is the situation with the human rights in Nicaragua? Did the country did progress? Warm greetings from Canada, Alexandar

Very sad to hear this. Please be safe. I hope things turn around positively there soonest.

Dear Alexandar, regarding your question in Nicaragua, Nicaragua lives one of the deepest socio-political and human rights crisis in its history. As of April 18, 2019, there was a social outbreak, which was not the product of isolated events, but of years of institutional processes and state practices that were restricting citizen expression, closing spaces, co-opting public institutions and concentrating power in The President the Republic. These processes are not alien to indigenous and Afro-descendant peoples in the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua. In addition to the context where I work, which are with Indigenous Peoples of Nicaragua violations of collective rights is very worrying, the State of Nicaragua has created a policy of dispossession and displacement of community members from their communities and planting plot. Currently we have documented more than 1000 people displaced from their communities and more than 50 thousand hectares of forest occupied by settlers or people outside the indigenous territories.

Thank you, dear, we hope things get better in Nicaragua and that our communities have access to communal and environmental justice.

Hi Jose, Iā€™m sad to hear of your detention but relieved to hear you are back home and can get back to your important work. Do you think you were detained in order to keep you from attending the IACHR session? Have you been able to share the circumstances with IACHR, and if so, have you heard anything from them? Gracias por compartir con la red este incidente. @Egdolinathomas2019

Dear,Morgan, first of all thank you and nice to meet you. The reasons for my detention could not be assured, but if I inform you that since 2015, I have been receiving death threats, but it was until September 20 that the threats were made reality with my detention and the people of Civilians who arrested me expressed that I was an objective and that is why they arrested me. The other effectively shared my information with the IACHR, and I also met with the commissioner that attends Nicaragua. Nota: no escribio bien el ingles me ayudo con google traductor, Saludos.