Injustice against muslim women

Gender discrimination is prevalent in muslim communities against women. They are treated like objects. In india they are given instant talaq over phone or letter. Around the world these poor muslin women are wrapped up in burqa. They have no voice here.

Sharia law is very gender biased law. It is biassed against women. So a legal protection is necessary for survival of muskim women in muslim communities. Who knows how much talented eomen we are losing ? I want the members to help me implement this legal protection by giving idea and advise.

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Hello @ark200 My name is Rachel Magege from Tanzania. I find your post interesting because it raises the complication of where to draw the line between religion, morality and the law. Have you thought about the implications of implementing a legal framework within a culture that is heavily centered on their religion?

I’m just thinking out loud. I’ll be very happy to hear your thoughts.

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It is sad to hear that even today women in your region treated like objects especially in this time even the Islam has liberated muslim women in all forms of discrimination. I think , there is need of law reform so as to meet the criteria against discrimination. The issue of talaq even in my region, women are divorced through phone, therefore education is required for both members of family to tackle the situation. Do you have Kadh’s Court or Shariah Court in your region?

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I think every civilized country should make law to ban triple talaq. This is great evil for muslim women. Instead of triple talaq pleaee use civil divorce law. This could ensure protection of right of muslim women.

Also there must be law for controlling number of wives and children a muslim should have. Thereby the population wil be controlled.

Also there should be law that muslim women should get modern education.

This way we can save muslim women.

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