Insider mediation training and dynamics of the process

Good Evening Team. Just thought its good to share. I beleive in sharing for i see it as a tool of expansion and induction of more activist. Am in Kisumu attending a 5day seminar on Insider Mediation on Negotiation and Mediation. Its Organized by Kenya National Steering Committee for Peace and Clingendal Nertherlands via LCPI. Day one and two has been full of resource and will gladly share the manual on completion day. Thank you.


Thank you for this insightful update @mariahoyier - we look forward to hearing more takeaways and seeing any follow-up resources from the training.

I would be especially interested to know if there was any discussion about mediation and advocacy around the #sdgs and especially the overlap between SDG 16 around peacebuilding and justice. Thanks again!


@cocolammers Great.I will Gladdly Share. We have Christian and Judy from Hague and lectures at Nerthlands Institute of International Relations. Will introduce Namati to them too.

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Good Evening @cocolammers.Sorry for my late response. The trainning was great. SDG was not in the program but was touched after i raised it up coz of your shown interest which included all of us. They Stressed on Killing poverty snd Hunger in the world as there can no be peacr on empty stomachs. Good Health, Education ,water gender equality,affordable energy will lead to economic growth and peace of mind. Innovation, industries and infastructure. Responsible Consumption snd production is lift up and peace of mind. Climate action expecially tree planting. Protecting and Naturing life below water and Land. Justice and equality for all. They encouraged partnership as big step in promoting peace and Cohesion. It worked for us yesterday. I used this in Kilifi County. Where we have two gangs killing each other. However when nailef the Courts normally fail or find them not guilty. Could be to poor prosecution or intent. So together with Kenya Police, Red Cross, Mewa we called them for a community clean up, fed them lunch abd arranged for a football game the gangs /police. As we winded they promised to dissolve the illegal gang groups and shook hands for the first time in 2years. It was great and am glad i played a role . Thank you.


Greetings Mary etal, if mediation is your field or interest, this event may interest you. God bless.

#MwenzanguTuwasiliane: Nairobi Mediators Invitation to Register and Attend the November 2018 Nairobi Mediators Meetup.

Details of the event are as follows:

· Title: Nairobi Mediators Meetup - November 2018.

· Theme: Commercial Mediation.

Topic: “7 Tips To Improve Your Commercial Mediation Practice; The Opportunities in Kenya”.

Guest Speaker: Certified Mediator Miriam Bomett.

Manager - Legal & Regulatory Affairs, Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM).

· Date: Friday, November 16, 2018 @ 08:30am.

· Venue: IBM Innovation Centre, Nairobi (Kilimani).

Pre-registration is required for this event. (kindly we emphasise that the event e-ticket and a government ID is required for entry).

Please send these details to email: [] by Friday 9th November 2018.

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Thank you Madam Wangari. This looks wonderful. I would have loved to be part of this. Unfortunately we are booked in Malindi from 14 November as we Mark the 2 anniversary of 6 Coast Counties. Will engage you more Thanks