Inspirational case studies from the Philippines: Farm worker's justice


(Pavina Thephithuck) #1

What do you think about the combination of strategies which was defined by farm workers in order to reclaim their lands? In this case, what role did the law play and what role did other strategies play in gaining success?

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(Tobias Eigen) #2

I really appreciated watching the video together - it was very moving and inspiring. Also to hear Marlon’s stories and answers to questions about the experience. It’s hard to imagine this group of 55 farmers walking for two months, having set off without even having enough food to last for the trip. And in winter no less, being separated from their families during Christmas, an important holiday in the Philippines. I liked very much also the fact that all 55 farmers on the walk were representative leaders who could explain to anyone who asked the specific reasons why they were marching and their goal.

The article on Marlon referenced is linked below - also a very interesting read about the follow-up ten years after the march took place.

(George Jobe) #3

The video has moved me to higher levels. DON’T FAIL BEFORE YOU COMPLETELY FAIL, that’s what I have learnt greatly as persistence paid off.

(Anthony Marzan) #4

It was my nth time to watched the documentary but it still brings excitement. The story of the Sumilao farmers is very touching, inspiring and makes you hope that despite the challenges and frustrations in our legal empowerment work, we should never cease until social justice for the voiceless and marginalized is achieve.

(Blagica Kirov) #5

The session with Marlon and the example of the Sumilao farmers were very inspiring. The idea of farmers’ ownership of the strategy and activities undoubtedly brings success. Justice can be achieved whenever people are encouraged and dared to take their fate into their own hands.

(Sonia Osho-Williams) #6

Walk for Land, Walk for Justice is a very inspiring video. It shows the power of persistence, effective strategizing, utilizing the media to get your message across and that we are all leaders in our own special way in the legal empowerment struggle. For me the farmers’ success was not in them reaching their final destination but in the journey. What a powerful message, that success is not necessarily defined by the outcome but by the ‘doing!’

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