Introducing Bright Light Youths Empowerment in Sierra Leone

Greetings. We have a little medical clinic and school (Impact International High School) in our community. Can someone help accelerate our work or help the target group (Ebola survivors, Vulnerable children…)?

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Hi Mohamed! Thank you for posting to the forum. The medical clinic and school sounds very interesting, and critical for improving the lives of people in your community. We’d be happy to learn more about your efforts, and members in similar circumstances might well have helpful suggestions… Feel free to describe them here, and especially what success looks like, what you’re doing, and what barriers/challenges (besides financial) you face. Pictures are great too! :smiley:

If you are looking for financial support, my recommendation is that you explore Recurring fundraising & grant opportunities for legal empowerment - noting that like most resources here in this network that list topic is oriented towards legal empowerment and not so much straight up charitable or community development initiatives.

I also auggeat that you spend time here learning from others about legal empowerment methodologies and considering how they can fit into the community-based work you are doing. A great place to start is the how-to guides in the resource library.

Many thanks for that message Tobias.