Introducing myself, Pedro Javier Arancibia from Kamkunapa Foundation in Argentina

Hello Tobias: Thank you for your message and the oportunity to participate in this network. I am the president of Kamkunapa Foundation.

Our institution aims, above all, to attend to the promotion and defense of fundamental human rights and also to promote “sustainable” human and social development. Understanding this last adjective, as the deployment of strategies and activities tending to improve the quality of life of the human person and society, in an integral way, that is in all its aspects, satisfying the current vital needs but without harming the generations Future. And promote it, from values ​​such as, human solidarity; Social equity; Democratic participation and tolerance for diversity.

Our activity is mainly based on two levels. At a first level, awareness raising; Information and training of the citizenship, especially attending to people and social groups in situation of vulnerability on some fundamental right that affects its sustainable development.

And in the same sense, as a second level, the exercise of effective legal protection of such constitutionally recognized rights and international human rights treaties, through the use of local and international legal instruments and guarantees, especially in cases where Can set up public incidence litigation. Kamkunapa means “for you”. In this way, the Foundation has wanted to adopt its name of Quechua as the native language of the area. We focus our work, in the area of ​​the Calchaquíes Valleys of the Argentine Northwest with projection to the Latin American Andean region.