Introducing myself, Zuberi Ngoda from Tanzania

Dear Ashley and All members,

Thank you. I am a new family member in Global Legal Empowerment Network. As you are curious to know what I am doing. I am a lawyer, legal practitioner, academicians, civil servant and social justice activist. I am a a currently teaching the law at a University as well as practicing the law as an Advocate. I am also a Chairperson of the Tanzania IFP Alumni Association, which is an Association of beneficaries of the Ford Foundation’s International Fellowship Program which run between 2001 and 2013 and enabled over 4300 individuals from marginalised communities who demonstrated commitment to engage in social justice leadership from 22 countries in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and the Latin America.

Kudos to all who made the enactment of the Legal Aid Act 2017 in Tanzania possible. This is a great milestone but much remains to be done to institutionalise legal aid in Tanzania and capacity building and training of paralegal and other service providers.

I am happy to be a member and I enjoyed the webinar on institutionalising legal aid and the paralegal.


Hello @zubbeiry - thanks for introducing yourself. Welcome! I moved your message here into #community where other members can see it. Hope you don’t mind.

Looks like you’re involved in many good things happening in Tanzania! Can you help us by inviting your fellow members of the IFP Alumni Association to also join the network? You can just send them to to sign up, and then you can include them in your conversations.

We were glad to see you at the webinar on Wednesday too and glad you enjoyed it. Plenty of catching up to do there on follow up questions and discussion! Feel free to hop in.

You can also hop into the discussion about the new legal aid act in Tanzania:

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