Introducing NET Africa (Natural Environment Technology)

I am working on three projects:

  1. Developing an EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) database of regulations and laws across the whole of Africa, which is focused on African countries which share international watercourse. So far I have data for all the African Great Lakes Countries.

  2. Working for the empowerment of women in Uganda, Entebbe for gaining access to fresh water.

  3. Writing an ebook/research and other environmental management and educational resources.

I am also looking for collaboration with others who work in wetlands in Africa, with a particular focus on environmental justice, environmental audits or environmental impact assessments.


Hello Fadeke! Thank you for your reply and for providing this introduction to your very interesting work. I hope you don’t mind that I combined your messages into this public topic so other network members can also get to know you.

It’s a pleasure to meet you and I hope you decide to visit here often. You’ll find we’re a friendly and helpful crew here.

As an EJ buff, you will likely know about Namati’s Environmental Justice program and also that we have a webinar coming up to celebrate and discuss the launch of our new Paralegals for Environmental Justice practice guide. I hope you will join us for this webinar - see the registration details in the link below.

Hey Fadeke, I am working with an organisation that is meant to release a publication on a global review of Environmental Impact assessment.

Once it is ready I will send you the link. All the best- for your publication on Developing an EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) database of regulations and laws focused on African countries. Kindly share it once it is out.

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Hi Jerono,

Yes, thank you, I will send you the link to my research.



@Fadeke - this is all very interesting work, please do send the link here too for other members who are interested. We have many member organizations focusing on environmental justice in Africa and elsewhere.

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Thank you, I will send the resource to all the members, it will be an honour to do so.