Introducing Pillar of Vulnerable Women Active in DR Congo

I am Veronique BULAYA from the Democratic Republic of Congo. I am a women’s rights defender in the South Kivu province of eastern DR Congo. I am very happy to be part of this great global family of advocates for justice for the vulnerable.

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Hello Veronique! Thank you for your reply. It’s a pleasure to meet you and we’re also very happy to have you join our family! :sunny: I hope you decide to hang out here in the forum to find and make new friends and partners, and to help each other. Do you know @jpttony? He is in Bukavu and is a longstanding member and friend.

Feel free to write in French - we have automatic translation in the forum so we can all communicate well in our own language.

I suggest you make time regularly to sign into the forum and to join discussions. Take a look at these topics about DRC:

Merci à tous,

Je suis heureuse de faire partie de cette grande famille de partage d’opportunités en faveur de plus nécessiteux dont les femmes et filles.


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