Introducing the Ugandan Coalition for Comprehensive Development through Agro Vet Program (UCCD) in Uganda

In Legal Empowerment; we have community peace promoters (CPP) as community grass roots structure for mediation and follow ups of cases. Legal representations( external attorney) continuously represent clients in court of laws. Then the mobile legal aid as a friendly approach in providing legal aid services to the community.

We provide human rights education to the affected people on essential notion of laws and the constitution of Uganda

In Good Governance; we raise awareness and promote women participation in leadership, to strengthen their role in decision making process and develop social justice agenda that is broadly owned, open and transparent as a process for gender responsive democratic governance. we clarify and vindicate women rights through community grass root structure engagement for social, political and economic transformation.

In economic empowerment; we strongly believe that the economic empowerment is a prerequisite for sustainable development. Leaving out economic empowerment hinders the development progress. We adopt livelihood activities for speedy economic recovery.

Education; we Strengthen civic education of youths, men and women to promote rights of individual, freedom and responsible election and promote civic engagement on issues related to governance, peace building and reconciliation.

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Hi Sarah! Welcome to our community! It’s great to see you here and to get to know you. I hope you decide to visit often. Thank you for taking the time to introduce your organization.

I was also impressed by the “origin story” of UCCD you told in your bio, which I thought I’d also share here for everyone. The last point is especially valuable and is a good starting point for any practitioner seeking to improve the lives of people in their local communities. That you have been doing this since 2010 is inspiring! :seedling:

I am the chairperson of UCCD. When I went to my village Omee in Amugu sub-county, Alebtong District/Uganda, for personal income generating activities in 2010, I discovered that women of my community were disadvantaged economically, socially with no self-governess structure. Women work far longer than men and lack control over resources. I conceived the idea to form an association to promote their values and empower them. I shared the idea with my three friends who joined me in the adventure. In 2011 the association was registered under local government Amugu sub-county. In 2013 the association was transformed into a local NGO and registered under National NGO board in Ministry of Internal Affairs.

I recognize that women empowerment is so complex, that a single actor can not be in the position to address. Seeking regional and international development strategies is of paramount importance.