Introducing two new network team members to the community - Maddy and Mohammed!

You have likely already seen their names popping up here on the forum and in emails. @madelinegunderson (who likes to go by Maddy) and @MohammedAman joined the @namati_network team in recent weeks, and we are thrilled to have them on board. Please join us in giving them a warm welcome!

We have thrown them in at the deep end and they are demonstrating their swimming abilities admirably, with their contributions already to helping new members, keeping conversation flowing on the forum, and uploading new publications to the resource library. Not to mention the webinars they are already planning for the new year, the leadership course taking place in Budapest next week, and the citizenship rights learning exchange and network meet and greet that recently wrapped up in Kenya.

Here’s a photo of @madelinegunderson @MohammedAman @tobiaseigen and @michaelotto in Nairobi having a celebratory lunch on the last day of the new staff training.

About Mohammed:

Born in Nairobi and raised in Kibra, Mohammed serves as the Global Network Associate at Namati’s Nairobi, Kenya office. He enjoys charity work and working with indigent and vulnerable communities. He loves watching movies and TV shows, including his favorite shows Survivor and the Amazing Race, and he loves a good Bollywood flick. He also loves sports and is a huge football aficionado (Manchester United through and through) and follows basketball (go Lakers). He likes to travel and thrills like jet skiing and go-kart racing.

He has worked with community oriented NGOs and grassroots organizations across healthcare, drug and substance abuse, youth and economic empowerment, and citizenship and nationality issues. He was most recently a social development and legal empowerment consultant. He spent three years with Nubian Rights Forum as an administrator and a project manager of a citizenship paralegal program. He spent three years as a cohesion champion with a peace building and cohesion fostering joint program by Global communities, Peacenet Kenya, and Kituo cha Sheria. He has also spent nearly five years as a research assistant with Population Council, Bankable Frontier Associates, and Digital Divide Data.

He went to school in both Nairobi and Mombasa where he attained O level certification and through different organizations a number of program-based trainings and courses in Monitoring and Evaluation, peace and cohesion, finance and administration, and project management.

About Maddy

Born and raised in Issaquah, Washington, Madeline serves as the Global Network Associate at Namati’s Washington D.C. office. Previously she worked as a bilingual paralegal at an immigration law firm, and as an intern for the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project in Seattle.

She graduated from the University of Washington in 2017 with a degree in International Studies and Human Rights. She served as a Task Force analyst with the UW Center for Human Rights in service of Los Angeles legal clinic El Rescate, publishing a research report on violence and circular migration of Central American migration to the United States and Mexico, and presented these findings at the 2017 UW Undergraduate Research Symposium.

During her undergraduate career, she studied abroad in León, Spain in 2014 and in Buenos Aires, Argentina through an exchange with the Universidad de San Andrés. She participated in Model United Nations and hosted her own show on the student-run Rainy Dawg Radio. Madeline enjoys hiking, screen printing and discovering new music.


Very excited to be working with you both in supporting this amazing and vibrant community of activists and practitioners-- Onwards and upwards!!


Yes! The sky’s the limit. :rocket:

Here’s a photo of the three of us, taken by Michael, after a hike and bike ride (just the right amount of shared suffering for team building!) at the caves of Karura Forest.


“Do you hear the applause? The audience joins me in a rapturous welcome! We are thrilled to have you today”.

@madelinegunderson @MohammedAman


:laughing: :joy: Thank you for the warm welcome! * takes a bow * @AhmedMohamed


:joy: my pleasure!! Don mention

Welcome to the team, @madelinegunderson and @MohammedAman!! We are thrilled to have you on board and look forward to accomplishing many great things together.


Welcome guys, looking forward to interacting with you. :two_hearts:


Warm welcome to the family @madelinegunderson and @MohammedAman. We hope to achieve greater things together.