Introductions - Uganda Public Rescue Foundation

The Uganda Public Rescue Foundation was established in the year 2008 as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) it is also registered with the law Council as a law firm, UPRF fights for human rights and offer legal aid to the indigent persons in all matters of law civil and criminal nature. The organization’s mission is fighting for human rights and improving access to justice for the poor people charged with criminal offences in fulfillment of constitutional requirements.

The purpose is to offer professional and standardized legal services to the disadvantaged, charged persons with offences that carry a sentence of 2 years imprisonment or more or where there is a serious human rights issue, particularly in the higher courts and the Chief Magistrate’s courts. Un-conditional access to justice, cost effectiveness, completeness, quality and Constitutionality, are key values that guide our work.

The organizations’ scope of work covers free litigation, legal advice, prison visits, human rights sensitization & Awareness, counseling, behavior change communication, research, advocacy/lobbying and mediation for the poor charged with criminal offences with a focus on poor people charged with capital or serious offences: murder, kidnapping, rape and defilement, civil matters and all cases of criminal nature, Land Assistance, Succession, Petty Commercial Claims, Legal Technical services and Public interest Litigation.


How can you work closely with our organization to help deprivation of the people who have reported to us but we have little to do.


Hello @Yigarobert - it’s great to meet you. Thank you for introducing your organization to the global legal empowerment network. And thank you @williamachol for your question, which I’d also like to see the answer to.

William, can you tell us all some more about your organization, where you work in #uganda and what you are working on? Perhaps more of you Ugandan organizations can find and support one another here via the forum. Wouldn’t that be great? :seedling:

Yiga, you cover alot of ground in your topic. Your organization works in many different areas. Can you focus on one or two of them to tell us some more about your successes and challenges, and your plans for the future? Beyond financing, what are you working on that you need help with?

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Dear Mr. William Achol

Thank you for your email. in reply to your email, you can work with us through referrals or visit our offices at Busega kabale zone kampala District. we are qualified law and ready to help you.


Yiga Robert kiwana Executive Director Uganda Public Rescue Foundation Web; Tel; +256752527405