Invitation to collaborate with Swasti Health Catalyst in Bangalore


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Received by email from Kallan Gowda of Swasti Health Resource Centre.

Greetings from Swasti,

Swasti Health Catalyst, is as non government organization(NGO) based at Bangalore. Swasti, founded in 2004, is a springboard from where innovative solutions are developed, adapted or scaled to create transformative changes in the lives of the poorest communities. We envision a world of healthy people. We go beyond providing services or technical support, to catalysing change on the ground, through partnerships with various domain experts across sectors. We work closely with with vulnerable groups - women in sex work, transgender persons, marginalised gay men, rural and urban poor. Our social innovations have shown promise in addressing health challenges among the most vulnerable and marginalised communities. Our varied expertise, from public health to financing and management to design - across sectors of health, worker well-being, WASH, social protection and gender – provide comprehensive and integrated solutions to achieve community health and wellbeing.

In 2016, we have formed “Taaras” meaning rapid progress in Sanskrit is a coalition of women in sex work and their organisations. Primary objective of the coalition is to enable women in sex work to enjoy their basic human rights as citizens of India. It provides a platform for their voices, aspirations and joint actions. Taaras vision sees every woman in sex work realizing all citizenship rights and living with dignity by accessing mainstream financial security, Social Protection and Safety Security and justice related services. Taaras Coalition is active in 12 States in India - Andhra Pradesh, Telangana State, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Chattisgarh, Jharkhand and Odisha.Currently, 107 Community Based Organisations (CBO) who are supporting 1,52,000 Key Population members are associated with Taaras Coalition.

As part of our work, we closely work with Para Legal Volunteers (PLVs) based in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Telangana and Maharashtra. We train PLVs, help in running Legal Aid Clinics (LACs). We also plan to expand our work to Gurugram, Haryana. We also provide support to women working in factories across the north and south.

Legal Awareness, Legal Aid forms an integral and important component of this. We believe, that a change for the better is possible by working with our stakeholders in the government and in the media as well as with members of the community alike.

We understand that Namati is building a global movement of grassroots advocates who empower people to understand, use, and shape the law so that more and more people have access to justice. We would like to explore opportunities of working together.

Hoping to hear from you soon,

Best Regards,

G.Kallana Gouda

National Coordinator . Taaras Secretariat.

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