Invitation to the 4th annual africa conference on social entrepreneurship


The Annual Africa Conference on Social Entrepreneurship (AACOSE) invites you to a high-impact gathering of key stakeholders from the development and innovation ecosystems, which will be a virtual conference from 26th to 27th November 2020.

AACOSE is a joint initiative organized by Ashoka and Tangaza University, to foster the interaction between the key actors who contribute to creating favourable conditions for the growth of sustainable social enterprises in Africa. It brings together diverse stakeholders and influencers to address and offer solutions on issues touching on training, growth and impact of Social Entrepreneurship in Africa. The theme of this year’s conference, “SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP: A PARADIGM FOR INCLUSIVE ECONOMIC RECOVERY AND GROWTH” is set to focus on championing Social Entrepreneurship in the African market, ensuring their business sustainability even in the face of global challenges and pandemics, and crafting practical solutions to address these challenges. The conference will seek to uncover answers to critical questions that the governments, social entrepreneurs, development and private-sector stakeholders are grappling with, through a sector-specific lens on Health Systems, Sustainable Food and Agriculture, Climate Change, Social Entrepreneurship Education, Technology and Sustainable Jobs , and Economic Justice & Social and Impact Investing.

Visit for more information about the conference’s theme, objectives, and sessions.