Is Laos facing a dam disaster? How can community-driven strategies help turn the tide?

(Vivek Trivedi) #1

The failure of a billion-dollar dam in the Laos in July left 35 dead and over 7,000 homeless. But the work on 50 dams in the country continues, with plans for hundreds more dams already in place. Environmentalists are sounding the alarm that the Mekong River system could be devastated if things do not change. Is Laos facing a dam disaster? - CNN

The CPR-Namati Environmental Justice program recently released a suite of reports titled Midcourse Manoeuvers detailing community-driven solutions to demand environmental justice across India, Indonesia, and Myanmar. This report can be found here.

It would be fascinating to hear from members of the Network who works on these issues, in our outside Laos, and whether the strategies in these reports could or have proved useful.

(Michael Otto) #2

Thanks for sharing @vivektrivedi- the building of dams has long been controversial in Laos and has led to communities attempting to push back, especially in the south of the country. I know in neighboring Cambodia there are a lot of concerns around the down-river affects as well.

What do you think, @pavina, @tluangaphay, @TylerBraun, @soulinda?

(Pavina Thephithuck) #3

Hi All,

I’m actually back from Champasak Province, where the Dam Collapsed happens. Never the least, many people are concern about rebuilding it back as what is noticed (unofficially) when it collapsed already 90% about to complete. Although we are all need to be very careful in every movement about the issue.

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Just back in Vientiane last night

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