Jambo Nairobi! Network Members Meet and Greet (7 Aug, 2019)

Update: @AimeeOngeso wrote a roundup post below about the #meetandgreet in Nairobi, with stunning photos and a summary of topics discussed.

Following the success of last year’s event in Kibra, Nairobi, the Global Legal Empowerment Network team, together with @namati_citizenship and @namati_clp, is excited to be organizing another Network Member Meet & Greet in Nairobi.

This is an informal event meant to give Network members an opportunity to connect, share, and learn about each other’s work. Members are encouraged to attend at their convenience - specifically those within Nairobi. Please note that we are not covering any travel and other logistical costs.

Details of the event

Date and Time: Wednesday, 7 August 2019 from 5.00pm to 8.00pm Kenyan time

Venue: PAWA254 2nd Floor, Africa Alliance of YMCAs Building, State House CRE, Nairobi City, Kenya.

RSVP: Please RSVP or notify us if you think you will be attending. Kindly note that there are limited slots which shall be filled up on a rolling basis. To RSVP, reply to this forum topic or email community@namati.org.

This event hopes to promote discussions and share global, regional and national updates on legal empowerment and access to justice between members and Namati staff, and is an exciting opportunity for network members to interact and engage beyond the online network.

We are looking forward to meeting members of the Network who are building our movement and working every day to put the power of law in people’s hands. This is also an opportunity to meet Namati CEO @vivekmaru who is in town and keen to meet and get to know network members here. He will be speaking about legal empowerment at this event. You will also hear more first hand about the recent Community Land Protection victory that has been all over the news this week from @davidarach and @eileenwakesho.

Here’s a link to last year’s event (with pictures) as we hope to make this year’s event even more vibrant!


I would love to attend.


Keren Weitzberg


Hi @kerenweitzberg we would love to have you and we look forward to seeing you then, let us know what you would like to see or hear during this event and perhaps share something about your work in this post


I will be there! Looking forward to meeting more Global Legal Empowerment Network members in Kenya


Yes I will as avail.myself ,what’s needed ?


Great, I am very interested with the event but I am in Zanzibar-Tanzania. Hope our time will come very soon.


Good Morning Tobias.

Just reading this.

I would have loved to be there. But am in Mombasa and this is Sudden.

I pray for next time.

Long live Namati and keep on serving the people.



I would love to attend this. Count me in!


I will be attending. Last year’s event was an informative discourse. Hoping to hear about Huduma number and what the Global Legal Empowerment Network thinks about it.


I shall be there at around 5:30.


I’ll be there… Looking forward to seeing all of you and having productive discussions on Huduma Namba…


I would love to be a part of this event. Be sure to find me there .


I am looking forward to this! Count me in!!


Greetings Everyone, I confirm attendance.

Could you kindly share the directions to the venue.


@DanielNganga you only need to show up at the place (PAWA 254) it is easily searchable on Google maps. @alihaji we hope we can host one closer to you, better yet you could plan to reach out to other network members within your region, we would be happy to support however we can, @mariahoyier we shall surely miss you but look forward to catching up on the forum and sharing the discussions, @zina_rombo , @RupertLipton and @olivia_nzomo we are delighted to have you @MarkMwaura glad you thought so, this one has the makings to be even better @lauragoodwin @zena network members would be eager to know more about the Huduma Numba and how they can engage with the campaign @AimeeOngeso we wouldn’t hope to miss you @FelixMuyove thank you for confirming. The venue is PAWA 254 next to Africa Alliance YMCA on Statehouse Crescent Road in Narobi.

We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow and please feel free to message me directly incase of anything.


I will be there - count me in!!!


I am looking forward to this! Count me innnnnn


This great. How I wish I would have known earlier. I would have been there. Mombasa is far.

Will follow online.



Thank you for the information. i would have wish to attend and participate though i am out of the country and i will be travelling back on 8th. Any resolution made by the members will be highly appreciated.


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