[JOB OPPORTUNITY] Executive Associate at Namati

(Deyla Curtis) #1

Hello all,

We’re still on the search for our next Executive Associate, who will support our CEO (@vivekmaru) and COO (@indirasarma) in Namati’s Washington, DC office.

The job requires great attention to detail, excellent writing and communication skills, and enthusiasm not only for the mission of Namati, but for the daily work of the role: managing complex travel itineraries, troubleshooting minor tech issues, and working with our senior leaders on research projects.

If anyone from this community knows of a good match for this position, please send the link their way:

Please also feel free to share/repost widely on social media-

Facebook: Namati - We are searching for Namati’s next Executive... | Facebook

Twitter: Namati on Twitter: "Interested in an executive support role in an international nonprofit? Namati is hiring! We're looking for someone who can handle complex schedules and thrive in a fast-paced environment. Learn more about this exciting position here! https://t.co/fTsLpsHEtP… https://t.co/o1ckQA4L9A"

Thanks so much!

cc @namati_staff

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