Join the 10 Weeks of Action for Justice For All


This September, world leaders and grassroots justice defenders will mark the 10th anniversary of the Commission on Legal Empowerment for the Poor’s (CLEP 10) report. This is a landmark moment to spotlight the work of our community from the last decade and highlight the existing gaps around financing and protection for grassroots justice defenders. In the 10 weeks leading up to this anniversary, we want to mobilize our community to take national action and have 100,000 people sign the #JusticeForAll petition. We will present this petition to world leaders at the CLEP 10th Anniversary event taking place at the United Nations General Assembly on September 25th.


In the 10 weeks leading up this anniversary, we will spotlight a different theme that intersects with access to justice - make sure to mark your calendars with the themes that your work focuses on!

We would love to work with you to share and amplify your work and to put pressure on decision makers who can increase financing and protections for grassroots justice defenders. We will be sharing resources to help you including:

  • Social Media pack with resources and messaging
  • New blogs and articles about the access to justice theme of the week
  • Justice For All Policy Brief
  • Updates on key moments taking place to spread the word
  • Ways to get involved in your local community

TIMELINE: July 17 - September 25, 2018

The 10 weeks of action will kick off during Nelson Mandela’s Centenary Celebrations (Jul 18), with a call to continue Mandela’s commitment to Justice For All. The 10 weeks will culminate around the 10th Anniversary of the Commission on Legal Empowerment for the Poor (Sep 25).

The 10 weeks will culminate with a focused 10 days of action, during which we will deliver our petition to world leaders, work with you to organize national activity and work with media partners to spotlight the needs of grassroots justice defenders.


Sign the petition now

Take 30 seconds to tell world leaders that all people deserve equal access to justice. Only by funding and protecting grassroots justice defenders can we make justice, not injustice, the norm.

Social media and the “10 signature challenge”

If we are going to reach 100,000 signatures, we are going to need your help! Take our challenge and get 10 additional justice defenders to sign the petition by sharing directly, tagging them on social media or mentioning them here on the forum - use the @ sign to mention colleagues and friends who you think should sign the petition in the comments below! Once you have done this, let us know and we will celebrate you! If every member of the Global Legal Empowerment Network does this we will reach 60,000 signatures. You can find the petition in English, Français, Español, and Português here. If you would be interested in translating this petition into any other languages so more of our community can sign, please let us know.

Share you views

Justice For All is a global campaign built on grassroots action. We want to spotlight the vital work of our network members and hear your views on advancing access to justice in your country. Please reply to this post or reach out to me directly if you have resources that you would like to share or if you would be interested in writing a blog over the coming 10 weeks.

Organize national activity and engage your governments

Raise some noise and engage with others in your countries to demand access to justice for all. Around the 10th Anniversary in September, we hope that members around the world will hosts mirror celebrations in your country to celebrate the work that you do and to call on your governments to increase support for grassroots justice defenders. If you are interested in hosting an event please reply to this post, we would love to discuss ways that we could support your efforts! A good way to get started is to join the #JusticeForAll campaign’s monthly coalition calls to stay connected on recent campaign activities and share experiences and opportunities with other coalition members.

Let’s start the conversation here

As we celebrate how far we’ve come since the CLEP, we’d love to hear from you:

- What are you most inspired by from the last 10 years, what successes should we celebrate as a community?

- What are you going to do in the coming 10 weeks to mobilize around Justice For All?



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In response to today’s mailer announcing the 10 weeks of action campaign on the advent of Nelson Mandela’s 100th birthday, @mariahoyier wrote:

True. He set a great example. Wisdom compelled him to leave all bitterness behind .

@Thandi also added:

Thank you for petitions and campaigns. We are in Mthatha, Mandela’s place we are celebrating his 100 years.


Cynthia N. Bewana

Jersey Farm Advice and Information Centre

Thanks, Mary and Cynthia, for sharing your inspiring reactions! It’s great to have you in our community.


@tobiaseigen thanks for the reminder for the 10 weeks of action campaign…


Hi @mina! You’re most welcome. :sunflower: Glad to see you here.

Have you signed the petition yet?

@tobiaseigen where can we find the petition?


Here’s the link: Take Action - Justice For All

That’s also the site for the justice for all campaign - there’s lots of great info there and tools for joining the campaign.

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Hi Tobias

We are enjoying the period and we are continuing with the tasks of volunteering assisting the needy and charities.

Thank once more


Cynthia Thandi Bewana

Jersey Farm Advice and Information Centre


Thanks, Thandi! Great to hear from you and to be connected here via this topic. Can you tell us some more about how you celebrated Mandela’s birthday? Feel free to click the link to log into the forum as well which is a better way to communicate and share.

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Yesterday (18 July 2018), All the dignitaries from All over visited Mvezo ( Mandela’s birth home) celebrated his birthday, others visited homes for the Elderly, Children, Orphans, the homeless are given keys for their houses, school children are donated by shoes and uniform. The delapidated houses and schools are repaired. There many activities done during this period. Thanks.




That sounds wonderful! :slight_smile: Can you share links to news reports or share photos? Would love for us to be able to join the celebrations from afar.

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A new report by the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) reveals that funding for justice has decreased by 40% in 4 years! We cannot let this continue.

Find our Week 1 discussion on the Economic Case for Investment in Legal Empowerment here: Discussion: Economic Case for Investment (Week 1)


Have you signed the petition? Comment below if you’ve signed and shared.


Read this piece of @maaikedelangen about recent justice-focused events like OGP, upcoming opportunities like the HLPF 2019, and the #JusticeForAll campain’s 10 Weeks of Action: