Join Us! Africa Young Women Unite - On 10 Manifesto Demands

We invite you to join our first Virtual Engagement Titled: African Young Women Uniting - On The 10 Manifesto Demands. The V-Engagement will be held on April 28th at 2PM GMT+2 and the format will be a hybrid between moderation and open discussion. The main focus of the discussion will be to spell out the trajectory of the Africa Young Women Beijing+25 Manifesto, and what positions Nala to carry forward to Generation Equality Forums.

The engagement will be moderated by Ms. Sodfa Daaji, The Nala Campaign Coordinator with speaking Guest Anika Dorothy Janes - Beijing+25 Youth Taskforce East Africa Coordinator. We will unveil more guest speakers from The Nala Council and other drivers of the manifesto soon.

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Nala is guided by the Africa Young Women Beijing+25 Manifesto. Leveraging on the remarkable mobilization of this groundbreaking document. the Nala Feminist Collective was established to provide a sustainable platform to advocate for the meaningful mainstreaming and implementation of the 10Manifesto demands, as well as overall engagement of young women within the Decade of Action.

Learn more about Nala here and sign the Manifesto.

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