Join us to #WalkTogether for #JusticeForAll


(Joony Moon) #1

The Justice For All campaign is supporting The Elders and their #WalkTogether campaign to commemorate Nelson Mandela’s 100th birthday and the freedoms that he dedicated his life for: Peace, Health, Justice, and Equality. Over the course of the past year, The Elders and the #WalkTogether campaign partners have hosted dozens of walks to highlight these issues and shine a light on their Sparks of Hope.

In celebration of the #WalkTogether campaign, members of Namati staff in DC hosted a #WalkTogether for #JusticeForAll yesterday, June 27th.

How to get involved:

If you or your organization is interested in hosting your own #WalkTogether for Justice, you can find more information in this “How-To” Guide or in the simple instructions below:

  1. Choose a Spark of Hope to support

  2. Record a video of yourself answering these two questions:

  • Why does this idea for change light you up?
  • How can people support or amplify this idea?
  1. Share it online with “#WalkTogether with a #SparkofHope

Justice For All Coalition Calls - Get Involved
(Tobias Eigen) #2

So inspiring, What a great photo! :sunflower:

(Mary Oyier) #3

We have too. We are walking for Justice soonest. Thank you.

(McKinley Charles) #4

That is so wonderful to hear, @mariahoyier! Can’t wait to see a photo!

(Lewis Munyasia) #5

Its a good initiative. This puts the elders at a better place, for we recognize their great work towards building our generation. They did something positive and indeed created a way for us. I commend your initiative and soon will holding same in Kenya.

(Vivek Trivedi) #6

I am looking forward to seeing pictures of network members #WalkTogether across the globe! Here is a brief video of the Washington DC walk from last week.

(Mohammed Aman) #7

Nice photo

Wondering who is doing something in Kenya (Nairobi)

(Adeline M Potter) #8

wow so inspiring WalkTogether for # Justice For All thanks guys

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