Justice For All global campaign: where we are at, the details, and are you in?

A year ago, we asked you, the Global Legal Empowerment Network, about the challenges you face in putting the power of the law into people’s hands. Members from 60 countries around the world responded. Two key themes emerged:

  1. A lack of financing stifles legal empowerment work, and
  2. Changing social and political environments have made legal empowerment work more difficult.

Based on what you told us, and through a series of in-depth consultation and meetings with key network partners, governments, multilateral institutions, and civil society, the Global Legal Empowerment Network team has been designing a new global advocacy campaign that will help our community overcome these challenges.

Why a campaign? When we come together, our community can achieve amazing things. Our last network campaign, Justice 2015, led to the inclusion of “access to justice for all” in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We want to build on this win. We will seize the global political moment presented by the #sdgs to push for vital justice reforms relating to financing and protection in our members’ countries.

While this is a global campaign, we know that real reform happens at the national and local level. We want this campaign to help you to advance your priorities. The campaign will be customizable so that you can use it based on the needs in your country.

We are delighted for the chance to share the details of the campaign goals and strategy with you.

The Details:

Campaign name: Justice For All.

Website: www.justiceforall2030.org Twitter handle: @Justice_2030
Facebook page: @JusticeForAll2030

The campaign goal: to reduce the global injustice epidemic. Specifically, the campaign will seek to raise financing for access to justice and increase protections for justice defenders.

What we aim to achieve-

At the global and regional level:

  • Agree on a figure for the current funding gap for access to justice and create a firm business case for investment;
  • Establish a donor support group, made up of governments, philanthropists and private sector partners, to generate billions of dollars for access to justice;
  • Generate greater visibility for hundreds of network members who demonstrate courage and innovation in their grassroots work around the world;
  • and more!

At the national and local level:

  • Increase domestic financing for access to justice in network member home countries - potentially a mix of justice, sectoral and inter-agency commitments in national budgets;
  • Increase recognition of justice defenders in national laws or policies in network member home countries ;
  • Accelerate progress on access to justice and legal empowerment commitments by using SDG implementation plans, Open Government Partnership National Action Plans, national justice plans and national development plans;
  • and more!

To see more information and a longer list of intended outcomes click here.

We will accomplish our goals by campaigning for:

  1. Increased financing for access to justice and legal empowerment. Specifically:
  • Scaled-up, effective public funding for access to justice and legal empowerment at all levels
  • Improved coordination and partnerships among government, civil society and the private sector to better utilize existing financing, fill gaps in skills and expertise, and leverage learning.
  • Innovative financing, approaches and technologies to help diversify and scale up access to justice efforts.
  1. Increased protections for justice defenders. Specifically, we will:
  • Stand up to those who oppress justice defenders by documenting, spotlighting and speaking out against oppression
  • Enhance protections for justice defenders in international and domestic frameworks
  • Build trust between governments, civil society and justice defenders through courageous conversations between legal empowerment practitioners, civil society, and decision makers about empowering people to know, use and shape the law.


Are you in?

This 3-year campaign will launch in February 2018 and run through 2020. It will be led by network members. We’d like to know if you are interested in being a part of this campaign.

1. Would you like to work on this campaign in your country? (select as many as you would like)

  • I would like to work on increasing financing for access to justice and legal empowerment
  • I would like to work on increasing protection for justice defenders
  • I would be interested in supporting this campaign at a regional or global level

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2. If you have specific ideas about what you would like to do, please write a reply below or message me so we can follow up with you directly.

We look forward to working together in the years ahead to advance justice for all!


:raised_hands: Count me in! :raised_hands:

Looking forward to the official launch!

:muscle:Justice for All


This is going to be great!! :blue_heart:


Corruption Brakes Crusade (COBRA) wants to continue to engage those in the judicial process with justice seekers. May 2018 be the justice year. Can’t be out! William


I am excited to hear more from members on the new global campaign! And to see @bricksadvice in the photo above, who has achieved an amazing level of financial sustainability at the Orange Farm Human Rights Advice Center outside of Johannesburg, South Africa, and was a freedom fighter working for protection on many levels. :sunny:


As an organization that focuses on access to justice for children and youth, we as Terre des hommes think that this is a key area that deserves focus. And to also ensure that links are made between access to justice and violence against children, which is also included in SDG 16. We are very interested in being part of the conversation to shape up ideas together!


The global campaign can be an excellent focal initiative for regional level cooperation among network members. The campaign should mobilize members for a unified advocacy that will be felt in different regions.


Here in Themis we are very excited for this campaing and certainly we want to join the activities. However, before answer the survey, I would like to discuss among the team members about which goal we would like to work in. Then we will answer the survey as soon as we can. Looking forward to the official launch too, maybe we are going to go!


Looking forward to hearing what the team decide - great to know you are interested!


Count me in. We will love to be a part of a global push for this and share our thoughts on how tech help reach more people.


Hope to see you there!


Its about time. Count me in. Looking forward to getting more involved in South Africa. Would also like to establish a chapter in a rural area in Lesotho, where the service is badly needed.


Great.i would like to work on grassroot level on protection and guidance .


We would like to express our strongest sympathy and support to this very useful and important initiative. We are a research, training and advocacy centre based in Tirana, working currently on a new project which seeks to improve access to justice for rural women in Albania, providing them free legal aid and engaging them in strategic litigation, advocacy campaign on matters that concerns them: land rights, water and health services, job creation and entrepreneurship as well as sustainable rural development. We are looking for partners worldwide that can help us with both: know-how and funding. Thank you!


This campaign is essential, l would like to gather some stories about the environmental injustice encountered by women with particular reference to water.

I will develop a special web resource, e-book, and also develop talks and presentations and encourage fundraising. Fadeke


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the forestry sector in Kenya is witnessing human rights abuses to local communities especially ingenious communities and i feel should contribute to enhance their access to justice