Justice For All global campaign: where we are at, the details, and are you in?


(Luana Pereira da Costa) #27

Dear colleagues,

We discussed here in Themis and we are available to engage in the following goals/activities. The ones in bold are the most prioritary ones:

  • Generate greater visibility for hundreds of network members who demonstrate courage and innovation in their grassroots work around the world;
  • Accelerate progress on access to justice and legal empowerment commitments by using SDG implementation plans, Open Government Partnership National Action Plans, national justice plans and national development plans;
  • Stand up to those who oppress justice defenders
  • Documenting, spotlighting and speaking out against oppression can offer real protection against harm in the short term.
  • Enhance protections for justice defenders
  • Build trust between governments, civil society and justice defenders
  • Courageous conversations between governments and civil society can open dialogues and empower people to know, use and shape laws.

Warm regards

(Frederic Adou) #28

A very great initiative. We interested in supporting regional this campaign in West Africa and in Ivory Coast. Human rights abuses and opening more civic spaces for citizens participation. Also the right of the vulnerable to access information is is key in making justice for all. We are interested in using internet and online media to achieve real freedom of expression, of association and full development of the human capital whatever his financial and social background are. We are located in Ivory Coast, West Africa

(Mary Oyier) #29

Great to see a kenyan active.True Forest have been invaded .Sad is by the community.Unfortunately Leaders can do nothing for politicians are in awe of loosing votes .Its all about self.Its never about all of us.

(Aurobindo Mukerji) #30

Please do not think that I am negative thinking individual and or, a pessimist. Nothing of the kind. I rise at 0500 hours and work 16 hours every day.

The entire bureaucratic structure has sold its soul to the devil. The election commission is sold-out, the law enforcement agencies, the supreme court of India, the CBI, everyone, everyone is making money and is paid handsomely for their betrayal of the country - India. The world today is full of despots and we have all failed miserably to combat them.

The highest to the lowest office in India has been betrayed and demeaned by those appointed to it - they have betrayed their oath, the country and everything in it. All the family jewels are in the hands of petty thieves and mafia groups and, MOBS rule supreme. Money cannot pull us out because the most crooked and fraudulent practitioners of the law would corner every bit of it.

Over the past decade India has received $40,000 crores (please convert this into billions to suit your denominations) as development aid - 92% of this has gone in, unaccounted for - this is a government report not mine. Yes, I stand with you in everyone of your activities, but I have no solutions to offer neither in the short term nor, in the long-term.

I write only as an expression of my solidarity with you and hoping that before I leave this world, some change will come in.

Please remember, I am an illiterate, ignoramus not fit to sit in any eminent or learned company. In fact it is arrogance on my part to be responding to your call. I am sad, very sad. We of the older generation worked very had to introduce change but, the country was hijacked by mafia mobs and thieves, cheats. They have nothing to lose. It may be rewarding to go through the latest book on school education written by our eminent, learned and esteemed Prime Minister.

With prayers and warm regards

Best wishes


(Sarah Long) #31

Congratulations Coco and team! :raised_hands:t2:

I’m looking forward to watching the launch via live-stream next week!

(Sergei Zharkov) #32

Yes, I have. My idea is - ‘Account for Right’. For many peoples, looks like an any ‘passport’. And - the headquarter office of Namati in Jerusalem)

(Mmathaha Mosala) #33

Just to let you know that I have always been working as paralegal practitioner. I’m a generalist. I provide people with information regarding family law and basic rights generally and which government department they can receive assistance for free.

(Mmathaha Mosala) #34

I am also looking for an NGO in Pretoria South Africa which I can partner with.

(McKinley Charles) #35

Have you checked out the member directory, @mosalam? You can filter it by country: https://namati.org/network/members/

(Tobias Eigen) #36

nice suggestion. thanks, kinley! I especially like this direct link to South African member organizations:


(Tobias Eigen) #37

(Tobias Eigen) #38

(Halbø De Beer) #39

Hi there, you are welcome to contact www.libertyfighters.co.za - we specialize in providing poor and vulnerable people help with landlord / tenant relationships. Property rights and illegal evictions. Etc.

(Reyno De Beer) #40

Thumbs up! Access to justice for the poor and even medium income people of South Africa has become almost impossible. Our government has not taken care to accommodate easy access to justice and resultantly our great Constitution has become useless when millions can’t enforce their rights.

(Chinga Govhati) #41

Justice for all- means international recognition of the work of community paralegals and the need to come up with a globally recognised term for them

(Chinga Govhati) #42

Quite a great learning case study for us all

(Chinga Govhati) #43

Should we start talking about creation of regional hubs? I am thinking Southern Africa or East and Southern Africa, etc for greater impact

(Marlon Manuel) #44

Hi Chinga,

We are planning to strengthen the cooperation of network members within the same region or sub-region. Based on previous discussions, especially within the Network Guidance Committee, there is a need for the network to be active and have more presence as a movement at the regional levels. Our network must be able to act more nimbly and responsively through the regional hubs/clusters and network members will also gain more opportunities to focus on the knowledge gaps or policy reforms most relevant for their political, economic, and cultural realities.

(Coco Lammers) #45

Thank you for sharing your valuable feedback and excitement around the global #JusticeForAll campaign.

To-date, 1,000+ people have viewed this topic, 100+ Network members have answered the camaign quiz, and 60,000+ people have tuned in to watch the Grassroots Justice Prize ceremony and global campaign launch, reinforcing the fact that campaigning on financing and protection for grassroots justice defenders and engaging in advocacy at the local, national, regional and global levels now are as vital as ever!

As a next step, we invite you to join the campaign team on Thursday, April 5th for an interactive webinar on how you can get directly involved in the #JusticeForAll campaign.

We look forward to continuing the conversation here and in the #advocacy:justiceforall campaign topic.

(Mwaka Abdallah) #46

Count me in to the campaign. I would like to work on increasing more skills to the upcoming Human Rights Defenders to be able to uphold, prevent and defend their rights and rights of the Community Members.

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