Justice For All global campaign: where we are at, the details, and are you in?


(John Kamma) #47

My organization Citizens Bureau for Development and Productivity (CBDP) a local NGO in Liberia developed from the restructured of the Liberia National Police (LNP) is working with community leaders and residents, trained as mediators to increase access to justice in low income communities where the poor people cannot afford to access Justice through the formal law court. The goal is to mediate dispute in a fair and transparent manner as deemed satisfactory to the conflicting parties, while reducing the burden off the formal court of law.

(Mary Oyier) #48

Thank you @cocolammers. This is a great move by Namati and a sign of a great future.

We will soon post our action plan on corruption. It has taken toll in our Country. Headlines on all leading media houses.

We are coming up with a program a cry of mothers of the Nation as we cry for our motherland. It will be a Country wide cry women converging in Nairobi all in white.

Demos are at times noisy and chaotic so we opted for this peaceful cry. Then we go back to our respective organisations and push harder as we keep governance in check.

Thank you.

(Coco Lammers) unpinned #49

(Beatriz Dornelas) #50

Amazing Campaign! I would love to be more engaged and to be part of it!

(Muhammad Ali Azhar) #51

We worked to increase Access to Justice for vulnerable populations of Pakistan with financial assistance from The Asia Foundation but due to unavoidable situations program could not sustained, however as an organization we continued our efforts and right now we have a Justice Forum at District level which includes Lawyers, Media persons, Academia, Civil Society Members and social activists. In Pakistan there are many forums available for legal aid at Federal and provincial levels but unfortunately implementation and provision is a question mark. We can sensitize these institutes & departments to provide Access to Justice and Justice for All!

(Kemo Morray Bangalie) #52

corruption is the worst enemy of justic in our society,to stop injustic we need to fight corrupt leaders evn into our political offices

(Coco Lammers) #53

Thanks @morison - how do you think grassroots justice defenders can help tackle corruption?

(Coco Lammers) #54

Thank you for your support @beatrizd24 - we look forward to working with you on the Justice For All campaign!

(Coco Lammers) #55

Thank you @mariahoyier - how is the action plan for corruption coming along?

(Mary Oyier) #56

Thank you for asking @cocolammers.Its a reminder ,a wake up call :joy: We are fortunate as a team. For we are all almost undergoing Citizen Journalist training. This has given us Lee way and we keep our leaders on toes. We no longer need the big media homes to air out woes for most are selective in reporting and binded by the media laws passed in our Country This laws do not apply to us CSOs for we are not members of media Council of Kenya. We do our report as raw as it is and many leaders moves to cover or correct before the damage. Social media is our main tool ,we frequent radio stations too for its easier to access and commonly tunned in by grassroots. This is when we call for action and many more. Magazine publications, whatsapp groups are our other alternatives.
My team in Kwale recently got the County government sit and pass a budget for public toilets. This was after much publicity from our team with an intention of storming the County offices.

(Stacey Cram) #57

Great reading through everyone’s updates! Truly remarkable work going on and we are keen to support and promote what you are doing! Right now you can share your experiences and help shape the future of the justice sector by taking the Pathfinders Taskforce Think Justice survey (it will only take 10-15 minutes).

The Pathfinders Taskforce on Justice is writing a report that will shape the future of our sector. This flagship report, will outline recommendations for how governments and other actors can live up to the promise of the Sustainable Development Goals to deliver justice to all. Unfortunately, the draft version of this report does not adequately reflect the vital role that civil society and grassroots legal empowerment groups play in delivering Justice For All. This is not okay.

Thankfully, there is still time to influence this report. We need your help to ensure that the grassroots justice and legal empowerment groups are included as a key solution towards achieving the “justice for all” commitments of the SDGs.

All the details are in the following topic and you can also see a short video I made today to explain the importance of this moment:

THANK YOU together we can achieve Justice For All :facepunch:

Watch my video:


Oui, je soutiens le programme au Mali


Oui, ce programme est trÚs intéressant pour les Pays en voie de développement


Je pense que ce programme est d’une importance trĂšs capitale, la justice pour tous est affaire de tous (riches, pauvres, forts, faibles, grands, petits, blancs, noirs, jaune et rouge). Notre vision de justice pour tous ne pourra rĂ©ellement exister que si on se mette ensemble de maniĂšre professionnelle et intelligente Ă  combattre l’injustice, la corruption, la discrimination et la marginalisation dans le monde entier Ă  travers les pays membre.

Aujourd’hui, le respect des droits humains est malmenĂ© par les responsables et/ou dirigeants politiques. Ces dirigeants corrompus ne respectent plus leurs engagements pris en faveur de l’accĂšs Ă  la justice et autonomisation juridiques, les ODD sont bafouĂ©s !!!

Il est grand temps qu’on valorise les droits humains pour le bien ĂȘtre de humanitĂ©, sans justice pas de dĂ©veloppement et sans dĂ©veloppement pas de vie sur terre (
). Pour finir nous vous confirmons notre solidaritĂ© et engagement sans faille pour une justice mieux distribuĂ© pour le bien de tous.

(Ali Hassan) #61

I hope to be one among the successful campaign.

(mustafo muazzamov) #62

Write me down. I would like to work to promote the socio-economic protection of women from violence

(Charles Mubula Mopho) #63

Justice is the greatest thing ever so slightly used and it is not taught in the elementary stages of life or in the education centres, @cocolammers, it is truly expensive, but when it becomes a way of life, it became cheaper for the poor to access justice. To make justice accessible, I would like to have a pupils/student media centers with which injustice can be reported by the children with a collaboration of the community members for court action to be taken. Also to create or established community radio station, and create the children news hour. Thank you.

(Jozué Dias Piauilino) #64

Gostaria de liderar um movimento nacional, no sentido de ter acesso a todas as leis que ofertam benefícios exagerados a políticos e juízes no Brasil e realizar uma campanha no sentido de lutar pela equidade de direitos e fim dos privilégios para políticos e juízes.

(Sahr Fasuluku) #65

For my Masters dissertation I conducted a research study in summer 2018 on civil society capacity, constraints (including power) and potential for delivering localised SDGs in Kono District, Sierra Leone. I’d like to, but I’m not sure how best to, feedback this data in digestible form into CSOs and communities to increase CSO and community empowerment. Any assistance would be appreciated.

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