Justice is lacking in Africa

Why most of human rights defenders, grassroots organizations, NGOs, associations and other organisations in Africa as Togo. are operating in an extremely challenging environments and their ability to carry out their work has been progressively weakened over years. They are facing intimidation and reprisals due to their work and have been imprisoned or forced into exile?

This often due to lack of openness of most African governments

Thank you @Nkanfiegue and @kareem for chiming in on this important issue of protection, one of the key themes of the #justiceforall campaign. In Togo, Nigeria, and beyond, what do you think are some of the solutions to this worrying trend?

i think the Government need to empower more women in governments offices and private sector and let us stand for our right. my Liberia is also facing the same thing

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In my part of Uganda we are trying to wake up to our constitutional duties by collectively demanding government action against impunity, exclusion and protection of abusers. But the take off is not easy.

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