Kenya draft policy on public participation

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Would love some input from you on the language we can add to this draft policy. How do you do public participation in your countries? What do you think we absolutely need to include? I’ll attach the policy as it reads now, there isn’t much time to add submissions so I’d appreciate quick responses if possible.

Thanks in advance!

DOC-20181113-WA0023.doc (531.5 KB)


Thank you, @Maryama, for sharing this. It’s an admirable endeavor and I’m glad the Kenyan government is paying attention to the issue of public participation.

Community paralegals and other grassroots justice advocates often advance public participation by helping communities to understand their roles and rights, and to take advantage of opportunities they have for taking part in governance, especially in areas that affect their lives the most, like the delivery of basic services, and decision-making related to their livelihoods, land, and wellbeing.

The draft policy cites past issues with public participation, including limited public awareness, capacity, and motivation. Community paralegals act as intermediaries that can help to close this gap by informing and mobilizing the public.

In my opinion, the policy could do more to acknowledge the critical role of these intermediaries (whether they go by the title community paralegal or otherwise). It should also commit to supporting and financing them as a means of increasing citizens’ engagement.

Good luck with this!

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Thank you @abigailmoy for replying and for your helpful comments

We’ve just got two days to contribute our proposed changes. Fingers crossed!