Kenya: Justice actors petition State to increase funding towards the implementation of legal aid

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Justice Sector Actors and the Justice and Legal Affairs Committee of the National Assembly of Kenya

Kenya’s 4th OGP National Action Plan includes an access to justice commitment with milestones that focus on the implementation of the Alternative Justice Systems and the Legal Aid Act; both of which are imperative as they set in place legal and policy frameworks for the promotion of access to justice in Kenya.

As part of the activities towards the realisation of the justice commitment, justice stakeholders consisting of state and non-state actors presented a memorandum to the Justice and Legal Affairs Committee, Parliament of Kenya for consideration during the supplementary budget cycle and particularly on the need for increased budgetary allocations towards the implementation of the Alternative Justice System Policy and the operationalisation of the Legal Aid Fund.

This will be the first in many other engagements. In a series of strategic meetings with policy makers, the justice sector actors are targeting the Budget Committee, the Delegated Legislation Committee and National Treasury.

The Memorandum can be found here : MEMORANDUM ON BUDGETARY ALLOCATIONS FINAL -converted.pdf (886.4 KB)

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