Kenya my Country is a divided Nation

Kenya my Country is a divided Nation. The Current regime is using the police force to kill its own Citizen. Our constitution article 257 gives right to assemble and picketting as long as one is not armed. The law enforcers are using live bullets, killing children, clobbing women. Where will one run to for help. We are a multiparty state by PR only. Impunity has taken Centre stage.How can we curb before things fall apart.


Thanks for getting in touch, Mary! My heart goes out to you and my Kenyan brothers and sisters during this turbulent time. Please stay safe!

For your info, I am fairly certain that the photo you shared is an old one, from the 2007-08 post-election unrest. Below is the source, along with other compelling photos from that time.

Generally it’s a good idea to try to give the source when using photos because they are powerful and can inspire reactions - maybe sometimes the reactions you are not looking for, if people don’t know the circumstances and story behind the photo.

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@tobiaseigen Sorry i intended to upload this was today .I watched live TV .All major media Houses .At Eastlands .The police were using live bullets.A boy of 7years Named Mutinda Shot while playing in there Balcony. Thank you. Boniface Mwangi is doing a great Job here.

This photo is from an AP photographer and appears in this article. Shocking stuff.

Its todays. Will share the live link @tobiaseigen .