Kenya old people needs right

Kenya old peoples needs right of new generation identification cards Many old people in rural areas in kenya with old identification cards can’t access health service like nhf or nssf services in kenya …even the funds given by government for upkeeping the old people that’s story to them I would like all those old people’s with old identification cards to be considered and government take actions immediately and use local nyumba kumi initiatives and chiefs to reach this people and updates their identification cards


Yes, old people need to be identified in any new generation of this world, they are human beings and deserve their human rights. Those sidelining them, they are what they are because of them. Daniel keep on blowing the whistle for them.


Thanks true …goverment must be serious and this old peoples needs to be considered

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Hi Daniel

Thanks for such an informative post. It is true that the elderly who still have first-generation IDs aka Kipande cannot access basic services as you stated above. This is because the First-generation IDs had manual registers and were phased out and they cannot even be used as supporting documents for the current ID cards aka new generation 1 ID cards. Did you know you could pay a positive role in helping the elderly go through the registration process and acquire the new generation IDs which is their right. By using this booklet that summarises the process of getting an ID you could be an agent of change in your community and help the elderly acquire such vital documentation.
This is the Swahili version of the document. This is the English version of the document.

I am also tagging some community paralegals who have worked on this issue for the past 5 years to share more information. @zena @Zahra @kasida_abdul @amoory @Naima_Rajab @Purity_Wadegu Please feel free to chime in.


Thanks so much for all your concerns and information which is very useful…i will chip in and try my best to reach all those old people’s with old id’s…kipande and try to register the new generations idetification cards @mustafa_mahmoud and @johnmasuwa thanks so.much


If they are not facilitated then, the stipend would not benefit them at all.


That’s true . We needs facilitation

It is long overdue for old people to be served with due diligence and utmost respect by defenders for their rights without any form of discrimination, regardless of where they may find themselves. ie, in prison where facilities do not cater for the welfare of the old persons in the society since such facilities meant for incarcerating the youths during colonial times in African Continent… Absolutely I agree.

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