Kenya: reduce working hours for women, increase maternity leave


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I am personally working on a law that will reduce working hours for career women as well as increase maternity leave from 3 to 6 months. I need lots of help and research on this one. Let me know how the Global Empowerment Network can assist me. Thank you!

Any thoughts? Suggestions?

@TweetingSheikh maybe you can elaborate on the assistance needed and why you are undertaking this important work


Women are an integral part off the Society but we have ignored them and left to fight on their own for their rights. Everyday they go out to work and come back tired and stressed yet they are still expected to cater for their families by cooking and washing up. They are also not paid the same as men for the same job category. So instead of working extra with less pay why not let them rest and regain enough energy to welcome their families after work with sweet home cooked meals.

Also three months is hardly enough for a mother to bond with her child. We need more quality time for mothers to bond fully with their babies. Later on life when the child is grown up and fully no red with the mother it is easier to address their concerns then when there is little or no bonding.

For these and many other reasons I feel it is time we formed policies that will help bring into effect laws that will help empower women whilst looking at their well being.

I need legal advise on how best to address this two main concerns as well as research to fully convince employers into buying into this ideas.

I need full proof research and would like to organize forums where women can air their views before we push it on to the floor of Parliaments around the world.

For now this is what I need help with and will air more concerns as we move forward. I also need timelines to help me achieve my goals as soon as possible.

I just came back from Niger where being the only man at the women conference I was chosen as the coordinator for Women’s Resolution forum that will be forwarded to First Ladies of Africa soon.

Warm regards,

Sheikh Muhammad Khan

Interfaith Association for Peace and Development ( iPAD)

Universal Peace Federation.

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