Kenyan authorities dump 400 tonnes of contraband sugar in Indian

Kenya is experiencing a lot of drought and food related problems and it is quite unfortunate that the ministries involved could do away with sugar that could help a lot of relief aids as well as avoid negative environmental effects that the marine life could suffer. What is your take in such actions?

A good example as to the economic impact that such a move may be ill placed:


Thanks @nashmeister for the post. It’s disappointing to hear that Kenya would choose to dump illegal sugar in the ocean - what a tremendous waste. I recall when I was a child growing up in Kenya, they burned a massive stockpile of ivory to make a point. The event made a huge impression on me which is clearly what they intended. Maybe they are trying to do the same here?

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@tobiaseigen it is cool… although the impression they are trying to make is to deter other potential illegal businesses from smuggling, the advantages of not doing so outweighs the actions taken

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