Khadija's Story

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Khadija is Nubian, 23 years old and a resident of Makina in Kibera. Before she could obtain birth certificates for her children she had to obtain an ID for herself. Before she could apply for an ID card she had find her school certificate. Khadija did not know what the process of applying for an ID card involved and, as a result, had never attempted to apply in the past. She heard about the NRF paralegals from Hassan Abdul Kassim, who is a paralegal himself and works for Namati’s partners, The Nubian Rights Forum. Hassan encouraged her to come into the…

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Same scenario is exist here in our country (Pakistan) and its very common here that female have no idea about the importance of ID card even marriage registration. We told females in our Legal Aid Clinics which are conducted in village level about the importance of these documents and provide information about the mechanism and offices from where they could apply and obtain these documents.