Konebada Petroleum Park Authority in Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is accused of encroaching on customary land further accused of ethnic cleansing by Papuan coastal that involve 23,000 hectares of land used for subsistence agriculture and provides firewood and timber needs of the rural people. The Konebada Petroleum Park Authority has been used by the Government supported by a former MP and a Knight of the Crown is allegedly heavily involved in the land grab

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Hello Seri! Wow! You are busy on the forum. I am so glad to see you here actively starting interesting and valuable new topics. Please tell us more, and as you post about new topics please provide links for background reading for those of us who are not as familiar with the situation in #papuanewguinea as you are. :seedling:

There is a widespread rumor that villages in the Nation’s Capital and Central Province will be relocated to neighboring tribes and the speculation is creating unnecessary tension in Papua.

I have a lot of issues to table on the menu work options which will have cross border issues with environment, human rights and treaty rights and I am a huge fan of First Peoples Worldwide that Madam Adamson cleverly engineered in enhancing marginalized first peoples and first nation in the global arena. But I find Namati more closer to our purpose in exposing PNG lack of transparency in governance and to an extent investor arrogance on land grab issues too. serihegame.

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