Land grabbing in Madagascar

Thanks for the post ,it is important to share such oppotunity ;land grabing is a real danger in Madagascar and it is worse because of poverty (4th biggest island of the world and 5th poorest country of the world) ; and unsecurity . see you soon .


I am very interesting to know the issue of land in Madagascar. In there any other challenges that you faces especially the issue of laws that govern land.

In Madagascar in fact there is a sort of confusing because there was the law during the kingdom based more on common law ,and also there is the law based on french administration ,mainly during the first republic (1960/1972) ; and now there is the law based on corruption and profit ,but looking as according to international governance . This is why it is better to act individualy with support to set up marks of justice .

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Great. How about the land reform in Madagascar from 2004 up wards that produced Land law No. 2005-019 and Law. No 2006-031

Hi ; in fact during the colonial time there was the most land grabing ,this two laws was a mean for redistribution of land . This is my opinion . The fact is that Madagascar previuously (and this until the first republic) exporting food and spices is now importing its food ;and decrease in its rank of spices export .

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